how to i see a user's activity?

I think one of my users is trying to log into my server. How can i check a user's activity on sbs 2003?
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loki_lokiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
enable auditing in the local security policy in the administrative tools in control panel.  You can audit for login failures and see who is trying to access the server.
Bigmerv307Author Commented:
Thx for the quick response. Do i need to reboot the server after this is enabled? Is this a 1 2 3 process?
Yes its a 1 2 3 process, no reboot.


You can configure the system to log the successful or/and unsuccessful logins so you can view it into the event viewer or export it to another system, for example via syslog with a tool like snare or similar, to further review or to be processed in real time.

Try this:

Run -> mmc.exe
File -> Add or remove snap-in
Group Policy Object Editor
Check local system

Then browse to:
Local Policy -> Machine configuration -> Windows configuration -> Security configuration -> Local policies -> Audit Policy

Then configure the audit for the items you need, for example the login.
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