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Hi All,

I am running exchange 2003 SP2 on a win SRV 2003 Sp2. I have OWA setup. but when i connect to it externally I used the static IP address I got from Eircom e.g and that works.

I want to change the common name ( to say a name I can use on a 3rd party SSL cert as I can 't use an IP address to create a 3rd party SSL cert.

So when i connect to OWA externally I will use the url  (https://<server name>) instead of (

The reason I am doing this is because a member of our sales team got a HTC windows 7 phone and the only way to sync his phone with his exchange mailbox is through OWA. Which I am having A nightmare setting up.

Thanks for your help.
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Mark GalvinConnect With a Mentor Managing Director / Principal ConsultantCommented:

The way I set this up before was to register a domain name - company.co.uk. Then set up a DNS name to mail.companu.co.uk. Point that DNS name to the IP you mention above and it should work fine

kdonnelly81Author Commented:
Hi  pappaslim,

Thanks for the reply. That sounds like the missing link alright. Thanks again
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