VB6 Spell Check Using Word Redistributable

I have a control in VB6 that will perform a spell check on the text box passed. This is done with the normal instantiation of MS Word that is everywhere BUT what if the user does not have Word installed? Is there a redistributable out there that I can add to my package?
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puppydogbuddyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
From this link:   http://www.granite.ab.ca/access/developereditionfaq.htm
Q: What about spell checking?
You can't redistribute Microsoft's Spell Checking modules.  

Packaging an Access 97 runtime with SageKey/Wise will allow Spell Check to be called from Office 97, if present, and if the runtime is Access 2002, Spell Check can be utilized from Office 2000 or XP, if present.  This may work for the Microsoft Runtime but I wouldn't count on this approach for either situation.

The only third party utility mentioned in the newsgroups is WinterTree Software Sentry Spelling Checker Windows SDK. Spellex Corporation might work as it is DLL based.

see also these links:
Code your own??:

Redistributable  (ActiveX)

Worth looking into?? (free for an app with a browser)

Developer Tool (not a redistributable)
I think that is a Word built-in feature so it's not distributable separately.
GoCubsAuthor Commented:
I went with a WinterTree solution and it is working great. Thanks!
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