Domain usersshortcuts to Network Folders (on desktop) disappear after reboots!

Having a strange issue here. I have 4 users on domain that I have mapped to drive Z:/ which contains 4 folders. I placed a shortcut on their desktop to these 4 network folders. After every reboot the 4 folders disappear. The network drive Z:/ is still mapped in My Computer even though the shortcuts disappear from local desktop?

This is a Win 2003 domain w/ Active Directory.. No scripts/bats are running on login fyi.
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flyingskyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
is it XP machines? If so, I am wondering what if you turn off automatic desktop clean up feature
XAnalyzerAuthor Commented:
They are Windows 7 machines and desktop cleanup takes place every X amount of days (60), in this case, this happens after every reboot, so something else is going on.
XAnalyzerAuthor Commented:
Will try and let you know. Very interesting find.
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