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Hi all,

 I have an internet  site that I cannot access from the company LAN. It's address is www.company.com. Everytyime I enter the web url, no browser can find it. If I enter the IP address for the website, it is right there. So I have some sort of DNS issues. How do I make the simplest of DSN entries to resolve this?

Thanks in Advnace
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rruschConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You could create a new zone in dns configuration and set www.company.com to ip.
But if your dns resolves www.google.com it also resolves www.company.com, so there should be no issue.

What happens if you ping www.company.com?
Is www.company.com hosted at your local site?

Do you use Active Directory in your Company LAN? Is your AD called like company.com? This means that your domain controller resolves www.company.com to unknown. Just add an A record with name www and IP address of your webhosting to DNS on your domain controller.

RPMS-CCAuthor Commented:
Yes, we have AD running, it is company.local where the internet address is www.company.com
I'm unsure where this would go in DNS. Would this be an forward lookup?

thank you for your thoughts
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