Lotus Notes 6.5.4 display issue in Win7 64-bit

I am testing a new Windows 7 64-bit installation and am running into a display issue with Lotus Notes 6.5.4.  As you can see in the attached image, certain areas of the screen are cut off and seem to be mirroring other parts of the same window.  I believe it has something to do with a multi-monitor setup (laptop screen w/ external monitor -- 2 different resolutions).  Windows XP (32-bit) on the same computer (and same external monitor setup) does not produce this.  I am able to temporarily fix the issue by closing & re-opening the tab.

I understand this is an older version of the Lotus Notes client.  Upgrading is not an option as we will eventually (could be years) be moving to Exchange.  Is this something I just have to deal with, or is there a setting somewhere that can fix this?
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Rob HutchinsonConnect With a Mentor Desktop SupportCommented:
"I believe you are correct about Lotus Notes picking up the current monitor's resolution, however since the laptop is widescreen and the external monitor is not, there is no way to have both share the same resolution."

What happens as a test if you just use the laptop LCD with the external LCD not attached. Does this problem still exist?

On the same note, what happens if you run the laptop with the laptop lid closed so that you are only using the external LCD?

Lars is right too, you should be using the latest drivers, but one thing you might want to do as well, is make sure that when changing the display settings; you do not use the normal Windows display properties. Instead use the ATI utility that comes with the driver which gives you more control over the display settings.

In addition to this, when you have the dual laptop LCD/external LCD setup chosen, make sure you adjust the external LCD refresh rate to the appropriate rate. Some external LCD monitors will let you choose a rate higher than the default of 60 Hertz so that you can set the external LCD to a higher rate maybe 75 Hertz. Of course the laptop LCD will still stay at the default of 60 Hertz unless you are trying to "clone" the displays in which case can definately make things appear strange since trying to clone a laptop LCD to an external LCD will likely make the display appear strange.

Usually at work, when I setup external LCD's for user's, I tell them that it's best to just run the laptop with the lid closed using only the external LCD. If they want to extend the display to use both the laptop LCD and the external LCD, then I suggest that they "do not" choose to clone the displays, but rather extend the display from the laptop to the LCD or vice versa. The trick I explain to them, when adjusting these two displays, is to avoid using the default Windows display properties; and to use the display properties utility instead. This utility is usually provided by the display driver manufacturer which is ATI in your case.
Rob HutchinsonDesktop SupportCommented:
Think what Notes does is pickup the resolution settings from the existing desktop. Meaning, that to 'fix' this, you might have to either try different desktop resolutions, or maybe just try increasing the refresh rate if possible.
Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
I'd say upgrading definitely *is* an option. There is virtually no point in moving to Exchange, certainly not with Notes R852, or are they using some "convincing" reasons of the non-financial kind?

Please read this:

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I use 6.5.4 on Win 7 x64 daily, never seen your problem.  Are you on a laptop?  What kind of graphics hardware is in it? Try updating you drivers.
JaZz0rAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the suggestion.  I believe you are correct about Lotus Notes picking up the current monitor's resolution, however since the laptop is widescreen and the external monitor is not, there is no way to have both share the same resolution.

Unfortunately the decision is not mine to make.  We were recently purchased by a larger company and they are planning to migrate us to their system which happens to be Exchange.

Yes, I now have confirmed this issue on 2 different laptops running the same software.  We have HP ProBook 6555b laptops, with either a 17" or a 19" external monitor as an extended secondary.  The laptops have ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4250 graphics cards, and the driver is up-to-date.  I suppose I could try a non-OEM mobility ATI driver as a test.  I'll give that a shot and report back.
larsberntropConnect With a Mentor Commented:
ahh, I'm using a desktop and a single widescreen display.  My experience with Radeon's are quite good, but I don't have a lot of multiscreen experience.
What is shown as the driver version when you do:
Rightclick on desktop:Screen resolution:Advanced Settings:Properties:Driver tab?
Mine says 8.791

Just looked at HP site, drivers are

You should for maximum effect install the entire shebang, including HydraVision, that has to do with multiple screens.

Also, try the regular (desktop) drivers as well. get the "Catalyst Software Suite", (v11.2, 93 MB), and "HydraVision Package" (v11.2, 29 MB) should support you mobility Graphics just fine!
JaZz0rConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I just installed the latest Mobility reference driver from AMD's website (Catalyst 11.2).  While it fixed some other unrelated multiple monitor issues, Lotus Notes still acts up.

I suppose this is something I'll have to live with.  Thanks to all for your attempts!
try setting both screens to the same resolution.  Or make the big screen the primary.
Yeah, laptops with external displays at my wokplace all run with lid closed, external only.

Then even the old 6.5.4 runs very well.
JaZz0rAuthor Commented:
Unfortunately there does not appear to be a solution for this.  Lotus Notes 6.5.4 is too out-dated to support such a setup.
That should not be too surprising: 6.5 was introduced september 2003, and end of life in april 2010.

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