video and audio not matching up when uploaded to youtube

I am trying to upload a video file of my company to youtube. File is in .mov format. Every time i upload the video to youtube i see there is a problem with video and audio synchronization. They don't match up. I see the video first and after a second delay i hear the audio. But when i run the file on my computer it is perfect.I tried changing the file format from .mov to .mpg and that also gives me the problem as youtube. Is there any solution for that?
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MereteConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The main fact is it is being converted from .Mov or .mpg to flash
According to youtube Help>
Audio out of sync
Out-of-sync sound is usually the result of using an audio codec that our system doesn't support. We're always adding new ones, but if this happens to your video, you can try re-encoding it with a different audio compression. We recommend AAC or MP3 audio for best results.
gspot will show very quickly what audio codecs are used,  drag and drop one of the clips on Gspot automatically analyses it
post back a snapshot of the analyses,

I just use Super Video converter to change the audio format
once you select the appropiate output container it will automaticlly assign the correct audio formats
 to mp2 for mpg , mp3 for avi
drag n drop on the video and hit encode, also check where it saves to by r/clicking the interface
Super is simple and quick

Hi shahedny

You are not alone with the problem.  Just google "YouTube audio sync problem" and you will quickly be made aware of the fact that just about everybody asking the same question has the same issue: it is fine on the local computer, but YouTube screws it up when publishing it.

How were the videos made?
(recorded on mobile phone, digital camera, webcam, etc)

Did the original video record sound while it was being made, or was audio dubbed in later?

What, if any, software was used to edit the video (and add the audio track if applicable)?

If the audio was recorded separately, what software was used to record and edit it, and what file encoding was it saved as?

What I am trying to establish is whether you had, or will have, some control over the audio options for your video before uploading.  Clearly you were able to convert the original *.MOV file to *.MPG for testing purposes, but perhaps the conversion software does not allow you much control over settings.

Perhaps the device that recorded the video (and audio) uses unusual or non-standard codecs that YouTube can't handle properly.  Remember, the actual file type is usually just a "wrapper" that can contain video and audio in a number of different encodings depending on what produced it.

I see it suggested in a number of pages that using an audio track, or encoding the complete video as, "Variable Bit Rate" (VBR) can cause problems when YouTube publishes it, and the recommendation is to change both audio and video to "Constant Bit Rate" (CBR) when resaving it after editing.

The "Frame Rate" seems also to be a problem sometimes if it is something other than the fairly standard 30 Frames Per second (fps).

There are a few free utilities that are able to provide detailed information about a video file.  One of them is "Media Info", and I see that a lot of people with the same problem use that to publish supporting information when seeking help in the YouTube support forums:

Media Info:
Just ignore the massive misleading "google ad" links to other software on that page. This is the download page:

I think the easiest way to get a report is to download and unzip the "Command Line Interface" (CLI) version and export a report using a command like this:

mediainfo -f>results.txt

The download entitled "GUI version no installer" saves your settings to "MediaInfo.cfg" in the "Plugin" sub-folder, so that is a good option if you don't want another installed program cluttering up your registry and can run it from a USB Flash drive.

Perhaps you could attach the generated report here and some of the experts more experienced than I can see any potential problems.
Two things cause videos to be out of sync.

Frame Rate conversions or Audio Rate (Frequency) conversions...or both.

A quick search yields two places to start:

Basically, you should try to make sure your video is:
   30 Frames Per Second (FPS)
and audio is:

I think those are the two most important parts.   If your recorded video is at a lower frame rate or the audio is at a lower or higher frequency then you you will need to "remux" the audio and video together to the specified rates.

ReMuxing should get the timing right so that the audio and video are in sync when they are being converted from one rate to another.

Personally, I use MediaCoder, but it is not the easiest or most stable program to use.  The price is right, though.  You can learn more about it here:

I have used programs like "SUPER" and Videora's various utilities....  

If you are planning on doing a lot of video conversions, you might consider a tool like:

It isn't cheap, but a search on or a search for coupon codes on google may yield a discount.   I use that one and MediaCoder the most.
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shahednyAuthor Commented:
really hard to follow the instruction.
Which instruction was hard to follow?
All you needed to do was ask if you were unsure of any advice given.
By the way, I asked quite a few questions that you never answered.  It doesn't matter now, but perhaps in future questions you could give some feedback to the experts.
Yes thank you BillDL
My details seemed well described with a snapshot of Super Video Converter with the output settings shahedny should use.
 It was just a matter of comparing.
Once Super is opened it is simple to see how it works.
If you have any further concerns shahedny fire away.
With BillDL onside you can't fail lol.
cheers and thankyou
G'Day Merete.  If the truth be told I did find Super a bit unusual when I first ran it, but the popup tool-tips are very descriptive and it didn't take long to get a good idea how it works.  Your description and screenshot would have been useful to me also when I first looked at the Super interface.
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