Set reports start page dynamically

I am trying to set the starting page for an oracle report so it starts at say page 3 of x.

However this needs to be changes at run time depending on number of cover sheets to be added.  How do I do this ?

I can do this within reports builder with Page numbering and start at.

However I need to do this by setting a place holder value, physical page + no to start out.
and then perhaps using mu place holder in the report as the page number.
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schwertnerConnect With a Mentor Commented:

You wrote:     I can do this within reports builder with Page numbering and start at.

If your method is based on counter, placeholder, field, etc. in Reports there is a trigger that can change almost every parameter in the Reports objects.
I will reccomend to to this way.

Another idea is to use a loop that generates the needed number of empty pages (dummy field in the page, containing spaces).

Third idea is to have a flexible field and to fill it with spaces. The idea here is to calculate how many lines (or spaces) you need for every page.
geoffbatesAuthor Commented:
You need to send the start page as parameter to the report or to add this entry in the parameter section.

There is BEFORE_REPORT trigger where you can using PL/SQL   do needed changes dynamically.

Possibly you have to change the item property of your placeholder to the needed number of cover pages.
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geoffbatesAuthor Commented:

I am happy with setting a user parameter and can pass the "first" page number from my form OK.

But how do I change the  start page number dynamically using using PL/SQL in the BEFORE_REPORT trigger  ?
Also search in My Oracle Support. Possibly they have published the solution there.
geoffbatesAuthor Commented:
you mentioned "Reports there is a trigger that can change almost every parameter in the Reports objects"

I can not find this. How do I change the report starting page, so if for example I start at page 2 and I have 3 pages I would have:

page 2 of 4
page 3 of 4
page 4 of 4

In the report layout I can go to the field, set source as "&physical page number"  then under page numbering set "start at" at 2 and oracle reports would report correctly.

I need to set via before report trigger  the start page = 2

How do I do this.?

In the report layout I can go to the field ---->  try to find a trigger that can change the proprety of this field.
There were such triggers in Reports.
geoffbatesAuthor Commented:
Sorry can't find any such triggers.

Any one help. I would have thought setting the start page would not be so difficult
Have you seen this:

possibly you will find something.
geoffbatesAuthor Commented:
Yes read that FAQ, but does not answer the question of how to set the report starting page so the report shows correctly page x of y
Read this

Pay attention to  Between Pages trigger.

Using this trigger and an parameter you can control the flow I hope.

I tried to figure out the solution in many sources, but this is not a common problem and is not revealed in these sources.
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