Cant write DVD

I cant write dvd through nero smart. 13% burning then message coming can not write at 8x.
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David_HagermanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Try bringing down the write speed. if that still doesn't help try closing additional apps and also clear out all your temp files
abdul_malickAuthor Commented:
yes your correct, now writing CD , i want to know reason why it is not buring , what is link between nero and temp files.
the temp files are used to assist in the ability to keep the data where the CD-ROM needs it to be so it writes at a consistent speed .... much like buffering when you watch a clip on You Tube. So if you have too many temp files there isn't space for Nero to buffer the files and when it drops or is stow then Nero supplies and error like you saw
Please try to clean up the Lense of the DVD drive using a dvd lense cleaner disc and reinstall Nero software once.
Good Luck.
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