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what is use of new port type and new port options in printer property> ports>add ports>new port type and new port add port add port
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MikeIT ProfessionalCommented:
That is used if you want to make a PDF File

Wether it be a document or a picture, choose print, then choose the CutePDF Writer, Press OK, then you should be prompted to save the pdf you are about to make somewhere
That is the Cute PDF Writer software that installs itself into your printer options as another printer (more like pseudo printer) when you install Cute PDF, just like Adobe PDF Writer, creates a virtual local port in order to attach the PDF Writer to it.  Then all you do is select print in a Word Document, and select Cute PDF Writer and convert your document to a PDF.  Pretty simple.  If you have Vista or 7, the XPS printer is the same as this.
mohitumeAuthor Commented:
I am starting feeling if expert-exchange has any expert? i have written nothing about cute pdf writer what i wanted to know what is use of new port type and new port options in printer property> ports>add ports>new port type and new port
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Uhhmmmm......................... That is the port that is installed in the printer ports in order for cutePDF to communicate through when you are converting to PDF docs.  It simple man!  ITs just an option that shows up in the ports when you try to add another port.  If you've ever installed an HP printer, it does the same thing by adding an HP TCP/IP standard port or a generic printer port that is the standard tcp/ip port.  But whatever could work with CutePDF will communicate through that Cute PDF Writer port.  If this is not the explanation that you are looking for then please explain yourself a little more than writing derogatory remarks.
mohitumeAuthor Commented:
As of now i haven't written anything about  cute pdf writer . everybody is seeing what i posted but nobody is focusing on my actual question which is "what is use of new port type and new port options in printer property> ports>add ports>new port type and new port "  When we right and choose property of installed printer we are on general tab of printer which shows model, comment and feature. clicking ports tab lists ports serial, parallel etc after the list of port there are two buttons add port/delete port/ configure port.when you click port it pop ups a small window which presents available port type and three option of new port type, new port and cancel my question is < this. what are use you new port type , new port i know cancel myself.( no cute pdf writer mentioned by me above)
OK, if this is what you are asking: "what is use of new port type and new port options in printer property> ports>add ports>new port type and new port," then if that is your question, I know what you are saying.  Local port is if your just going to hook up the printer straight to the PC, either parallel, serial, or usb or if you have a shared printer on your peer to peer network.  The TCP/IP port is when you trying to network your printer or trying to add an already networked printer to your pc by choosing this you have to know the IP address of the printer or the the queue name of the networked printer in order to connect by TCP/IP.  there are numerous way you can use the tcp/ip port, but those are just a couple.  The new port type is if you add another program or printer that emulates a printer, it will add a new port type, like the one listed on your pic like cute pdf.  If you added Adobe Writer to your PC, the there would be a new port type of Adobe PDF Writer Monitor added to the port types.  The reason, I was getting this confused with cute pdf monitor is you have this highlighted in the pics that you have attached.  So not to waste what I already wrote, here is the explanation for the cute PDF writer monitor.
But here is a doc that I put together for you.  If you don't have cute pdf writer installed and want to get rid of the cute pdf writer monitor, then go to www.cutePDF.com and install the pdf writer.  Then you should be able to uninstall the program, and at the same time, it will uninstall the cute PDF writer monitor.  But you need to look for something like the way I have it listed in the doc attached here. pdfwritermonitor-explanation.docx  Yeah, yeah, I know you said you havent mentioned cute pdf at all, but that is what that port is for ONLY.  So, again, download it if you don't have it anywhere on your programs list, install, then uninstall.  If you  are trying to add a printer of any other sorts, then you will NOT select this port to install on.  

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