How to copy windows 7 profiles to the default folder?


I used to copy a administrator profile to a default profile using another admin account e.g. bob. this with Windows XP. Now how do I do the same thing in Windows 7?
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Here is a download link for windows enabler. Please accept a solution to your question if you have resolved the issue.


This article is for a slightly different purpose, but does contain the same steps you would need to accomplish this:

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Microsoft says the old method of copying the profiles was buggy and not supported. The option was removed after XP. Unfortunately, as far as I know, you have to use the way sah18 suggested. It was quite a pain when I had to do it and I am not looking forward to setting up new computers.
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Dowload a tool called Windows Enabler. I'm on my mobile device, so I can't shoot you a link, but it works great. You can find the download by searching for the tool on google. Once you have it downloaded, run the program, open up the user profiles dialogue box where the copy to button is greyed out. Down in the right hand corner of the screen, click the windows enabler logo. It will now be turned on. Click the copy to button, and it will no longer be greyed out. Now you can click the button to copy your profile to C:\Users\Default

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emilhomemAuthor Commented:
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