Cannot open excel xls files in excel 2010

My user were on office 2000. We deployed office 2010 and now we are having issues with Excel 2010 that cannot open older 2000 exel files. Getting the following errors

"Excel cannot open the file because the file format or file extention is not valid. Verify that the file has not been corrupted and that the file extention matches the format of the file" for this message the file does not open at all.
"Excel found unreadable content in filname.xls. Do you want to recover the contents from this workbook? If you trust the source of the workbook, click yes." Doing so open the file in protected view but the contents are all messed up and useless.

If i try opening this file in windows 2000  or open office it opens fine. Tried opening it a couple windows XP and windows 7 machine and all are getting the above error.
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ncit9933Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Try download openoffice if all else fails, you can open with it and save as a version of Office
Do all Excel 2000 files could not be opened in 2010?

If there are only some files, then they might have macros on the file. There are VBA codes incompatibility with 2000 and the latest version.

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LealITAuthor Commented:

Not not all windows 2000 files have this problem.

<Not not all windows 2000 files have this problem. >

There's a difference between windows 2000 and Excel 2000 or Office 2000.

If  you mean Excel 2000, then I suspect that the said file that you couldn't open in Excel 2010 might have macro on it.

LealITAuthor Commented:

Yes i meant excell 2000 . is there a way to work around the incompatible macro enabled files. installing open office and saving all the older files to a version of office that is compatible will be tioo much work.
I'm not sure if OpenOffice supports automation but you could try the following:

1. Install the compatibility pack I mentioned earlier to computer with Excel 2000
2. Create a simple Office Automation vbscript that opens workbooks one by one and then saves them in 2007/2010 format. If they have macros, save in macro-enabled format. All macros may not be compatible, so they can't be converted without manual job.
LealITAuthor Commented:
To Toxacon:
The PC the compabibility pack 2007 already installed.Tried opening it with the compatibility pack and it did not work. i then uninstalled and reinstalled the latest compabibility pack and tried again with no luck.
ToxaconConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If the Workbooks are vital to your business, you have the following options to proceed:

1. Manually convert the macros to Excel 2010 compatible format.
2. Set up virtual workstations to run Excel 2000 for calculations you need.
3. Use technologies like Remote Desktop Services or Citrix to run Excel 2000 while workstations have Excel 2010.

The options 2 and 3 give you more time to gradually move to Excel 2010 compatible workbooks, if necessary.
LealITAuthor Commented:
These excel files were reports that are generated by a software, so we ask the developper to have the files generated in xlsx format and that resolved our issues.
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