Add the same characters to 4000 strings in Excel

Hi -
This is probably a simple question to someone who uses Excel a lot.

Here's the situation...
I'm using Excel2010.  I have a spreadsheet with about 4000 rows of serial numbers, short descriptions, etc.   One of the columns is image names but without the ".jpg" file extension.  I need to add ".jpg" to all 4000 image names in that column.  How is this done besides typing it in one image at a time?

If I use Find and Replace then I'll have to do it 36 times to match up with the image names that end in all the different alpha numeric characters. Isn't there a way to add the file extension (or any set of characters) to every string in a column?

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RunriggerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
=CONCATENATE(<<image cell ref>>,".jpg")

then copy it down, so if the image name is in column C, assuming a column header;

put this in column D

Christian de BellefeuilleProgrammerCommented:
I would add another column, and let's say taht your image name is in column E
then in the next column i would place a formula like this:   =E2 & ".jpg"  
for example (E1 beeing the header), i would copy that formula to every other rows.

You can simply hide column E to not have the same information twice, or, copy column F over column E doing a "Paste VALUE", and then get rid of column F



and copy down to the end of the data in column A

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dzash2000Author Commented:
Runrigger -
Excellent.  A clear, succinct explanation and example.
Christian de BellefeuilleProgrammerCommented:
dzash: Our 3 solutions (Runrigger, Patrickab and mine) were working.  They all do the same thing.  Mine is exactly the same than Patrickab except that i've specified how to remove the column with only the image name.

CONCATENATE and the operator "&" are doing exactly the same job.

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I am going to assume, based on the author's comments, that my suggestion lead to an appropiate solution for their needs!


Don't worry, I am not expecting any points. Others provided good answers before me.

Christian de BellefeuilleProgrammerCommented:
dzash2000: I'm not asking you to reopen this question to reassign the points too.  It was just for your information, to split the points fairly between people who have helped you.

You might not be aware of that, but Experts-Exchange give to their experts the opportunity to have free access to the service if they reach XXXX Points per month (i think it's 3K or 4K points, i'm not sure).  I honnestly don't care about that: just like i said to patrickab, i'm paying my subscription to have peace of mind.

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So think about it for your future questions...
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