bootstrapper alternative?

My application requires the user to have the MS Speech SDK 5.1 or later installed on his/her machine. For now, I want to include it on a CD with the rest of my setup and install it to the users machine if it is not already there.  

I have tried to create a bootstrapper with the Bootstrap Manifest Generator, but I have been unsuccessful.    The only version of the BMG I could find is for VS 2008.  Not sure if there is another version for Visual Studio Express 2010.

Are there any alternatives to the BMG?  

I do not mind paying a reasonable amount for it, if there is one available.

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meko72Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Have you looked at Wise Package Studio by Altiris, Inc ?
Vadim RappCommented:
One of the components of Speech SDK comes as merge module SpeechSDK51MSM . Can you include it?
Vadim RappCommented:
meko72, if you don't mind, could you clarify how Wise Package Studio that if I'm not mistaken does not have stock speech sdk prerequisite, and costs thousand dollars and more depending on the version, has helped you to include the Speech SDK? since accepted question goes into the knowledge base, I think it would be useful to have that information.
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When you create a Package that you want you usally use a clean machine and use SetupCapture
to repackage an application’s setup.exe package into an MSI package. Usually you tell it to create a WSI file instead of an MSI file directly. The WSI file is the working file from which you later compile it, with the source files, into an MSI file.
You can even have feature that install automatically depending on conditions. These are called Conditional Features
Also you can Buy the package for around 800.00 for 1 User AUP (Annual Upgrade Protection) Renewal License (without Support)
Vadim RappCommented:
So you suggest that he repackages the SDK and embeds in his own setup. I think this is unnecessary, since the SDK comes with merge module that can be integrated, but thanks, point taken.

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