Anchor TAG '<A href=' not working with ASP.NET Master Page


I am using the following code but when I preview in internet explorer, the image is not displaying, but if I remove the Anchor TAG, the image is displaying properly. I am using VS Studio 2008 and the page is having Master Page, the following code is written in Child page.

                            <a href="Downloads/Registration.pdf">
                            <img src="Images/PDF.png" height="24" width="24" /></a>

Can anyone please suggest?

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P1ST0LPETEConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Is it possible that you are inheriting some sort of css styling that is messing up your link?
spatel208Author Commented:
How do I check?

Infect I not using the CSS in Master Page.

spatel208Author Commented:
Yes you are right. Thanks it works now..
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