Check Box event in Oracle forms

I am new to oracle forms
I am trying to add a check-box event in a from built using table X. And my check-box is a non-database item that is not present in table X.

Now when checked it should enter a record into a Y table. If that event is in table Y it should be checked on post-query trigger.
Similarly when unchecked it should delete a record from table Y

And also I need to check a variable x1='.....' in table x that has to check with variable y1='.......' from table Y.

If the question is not clear then let me know..
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flow01Connect With a Mentor Commented:

a hint how it might look

when checkbox changed

  if  :yourblock.checked = 'Y'
    insert into Y
      (col1, col2, ....)
      (:yourblock.keyvalue1,  'fixedvalue2', ...);
   delete from Y where col1 = :yourblock.keyvalue1;


      select 'Y' into :yourblock.checked
      from Y where col1 = :yourblock.keyvalue1;
  exception when no_data_found then
      :yourblock.checked := 'N';
What is your question ?

What do you want to happen when  the check in the post-query is false ?
r211Author Commented:
Post-Query trigger to check if the event is in the table when check box is checked

I wanted to know how to write those requirements in when-checkbox changes trigger. How to write it when it is using a table Y apart from using table X as object.
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r211Author Commented:
Thank you...
r211Author Commented:
Thank you so much for your worked...
r211Author Commented:
I have few more questions related to this question...

In X table on which the form was built contains 15 rows in which evt_name is the primary key

In Y table on which the check-box created has only 2 rows in which evt_name is the foreign key to this table.

Now I can insert or delete only one row that is present in both the tables. How can I insert other events that are not in table Y but present in table X
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