Notes client is crashing on multiple machines

Starting yesterday morning, we have had several users report that their Notes client is crashing.  The crash only occurs while using email, but the indications are a bit varied.  Some clients lock up as soon as an email is opened, some only when going to print.  Some clients only crash when opening a MIME memo; others crash for both RICHTEXT and MIME.  Some clients only crash when trying to attach or save a file attachment.  Sometimes an error message is displayed, and sometimes not.  But, for each individual client, the crash is reproducible 100% of the time.

When an error message is displayed, it is always like this one:  "_JVM_GetMethodIxLocalsCount@12 could not be located in the dynamic link library jvm.dll."  The name of the method sometimes differs, but it is always jvm.dll.  All of the error-log-X.xml files are empty (0 bytes), and none of the the nsd_XXXXX.log files include any FATAL info.

All of the clients so far are running 8.5.2 FP1, and the strange thing is that nothing has changed in our Notes/Domino environment.

We were able to fix some clients by removing all Java except 6 (found 3, 4, 5, and 6 on some machines), but some clients were stubborn and would continue to crash until we removed all stand alone Java.  In most cases we were able to re-install Java 6u16 and the crashes stopped - so we thought it was a problem with the current Java build 6u24.  But we have many users with 6u24 that have no problems at all.

So, in a nutshell, everything seems to point to a Java conflict.  Completely removing Java from the machine always fixes the issue, but that is not a solution.  Sometimes we can re-install Java and Notes is fine, but not always.  I have also tried disabling the embedded MIME browser with no luck.

Also: I inspected the jvm.dll files on my machine and found no reference to "_JVM_GetMethodIxLocalsCount" in any jvm.dll.  Then, I inspected the jvm.dll file that is packaged with 6u24, and it is there!  So, my client does not exhibit the bug, and I don't have the 'missing' methods on my machine.

So, any ideas?  Any help will be greatly appreciated!
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Sjef BosmanConnect With a Mentor Groupware ConsultantCommented:
Logically speaking, it must be an automatic upgrade of either Windows or Java. Maybe it's the good ol' installation sequence again. You could try to reinstall Notes on a system, and see if that helps.

$0.02 ...
Rob HutchinsonConnect With a Mentor Desktop SupportCommented:
I know on our network, they went straight to FP2, but not sure if this is the reason.

In addition to this, we also make sure the clients are running Java 6u20.

One thing you can also try without upgrading to FP2 ( exit Notes first) is try renaming the workspace folder under C:\Notes\Data then let this folder be automatically created when the user goes back into Notes( takes a few extra minutes for Notes to create this folder when going back in).

One important thing though before renaming this folder, is to do a manual backup of the user's sametime contacts and emoticons as I think renaming the workspace folder resets the Sametime user info.
Bill-HansonAuthor Commented:
Thanks for responding - this one is strange!

RE: "they went straight to FP2"
Do you mean 8.5.1 FP2?  We're on 8.5.2 FP1.  As far as I know 8.5.2 FP2 does not come out until next month.

RE: "we also make sure the clients are running Java 6u20"
Thanks! I down-graded one client to Java 6u20 today and will monitor for change.  One of the strange things we've seen is that we can downgrade to 6u16 and everything works for a day or two, then the bug eventually creeps back in.

RE: "renaming the workspace"
We tried this on several machines - no luck.  We even tried removing workspace then running 'Repair Installation' from add/remove programs - still no luck.

Thanks again, but this one is tricky.  I wonder why Notes works fine when no JVM is installed, but when we install one it crashes.  Very strange!
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Bill-HansonAuthor Commented:
Thanks Sjef, that is the only thing that makes sense, and that's where we are looking.  But if that's the case, I would expect a-lot of chatter in groups and forums like this.  We can't be the only organization experienceing this.  Also, why does Notes run fine without any stand alone JVM installed, but fails when one is installed?  There must be a bug in the Notes code that is loading the wrong JVM when there is more than one to choose from.  But if that's the case, why did the bug suddenly show up on Tuesday - we've been running 8.5.2 for months.  It must be a combination of two things: a bug in Notes that did not manifest itself until an update was delivered to Windows or Java.

That said, I just found this SPR:
MMIL89GBZ2 - A crash caused by an incoming MIME mail meassage with an attachment that has a very large filename has been fixed.

Interesting since only incomming MIME mail with attachments seem to be affected.  I previously mentioned that RICHTEXT email also causes the crash, but I am now ruling that out (unrelated issue).

Thanks again for your help!
Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
Is there a log in those affected systems of the upgrades that were installed? MS upgrades are stored somewhere, I don't know about Java updates. They used to install separately (on XP), but that was recently changed. I have 1.6.0_22, and I didn't upgrade. Instead, I downloaded and installed a complete version. In any case, I don't have FP1 here, and also no problems.

Good luck!
mbonaciConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If removing standalone JREs always fixes the problem, have you thought about doing that and setting the JAVA_HOME to be the JRE that comes with Lotus?
Bill-HansonAuthor Commented:
No, I did not think of setting JAVA_HOME.  I wrote a boot-strapper that changes the environment then starts notes.exe.

My launcher is not hard coded, but in effect here's what happens...

%PATH% = "C:\Program Files (x86)\IBM\Lotus\Notes\jvm\bin;C:\Program Files (x86)\IBM\Lotus\Notes;%PATH%"

%CLASSPATH% = "C:\Program Files (x86)\IBM\Lotus\Notes\jvm\bin"

We are just about to test this.  I'll also try forcing %JAVA_HOME%.
Rob HutchinsonDesktop SupportCommented:
Found something I had never noticied before on the 8.5x client under File > Security > User Security:
Under the lefthand menu option called, "What Others Do", there's two sections for "Using Applets" and for "Using JavaScript".

I wonder if changing some of these settings might help prevent the Notes clients from crashing?
Hmm, I really don't see how applet and JS security could have something to do with this.
BTW those ECL settings are not new in 8.5, they exist from the beginning of time :)
Bill-HansonAuthor Commented:
Thank you all, I've finally found the problem.  Here's the culprit...

UseLSX "*javacon" Database Script.

There was no code actually using LS2J.  Just including the use statement in the module was enough to cause some Notes clients major problems.  Since this code was in our company's home page, all clients were subjected to it, but only about 10% had problems.

Of course, when I first heard that users were having problems, I went right into the PostOpen event and commented out the new line of code that was using LS2J, but I neglected to remove the use statement.  So, this whole time I was saying "It's not my code" when actually, it was.  I feel like such a moron, but hey, I tested the code on several clients with no errors, so I thought that the bugs in LS2J had been ironed out -- I was wrong.

We still have a handful of clients (about 1%) that crash when trying to print a MIME email, but setting the "Disable embedded browser for MIME mail" preference fixes that.

Thanks again for all your help!
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