Sum if Value is Over Zero

I have a report with the column control source of this:


I need to sum that column on my report but only include the values that are over zero in that sum. What would the controlsource field for that be?

(see photo)
Right now where all the zeros displayed in this image are actually are actually storing negative values stored so I don't want them on the sum.

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peter57rConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Just sum the expression.


gcgcitAuthor Commented:
peter57r: I tried that but when I run the report I get a pop-up box asking for a parameter value for HoursRemainingDisplay and then the total is 0.00 when as you see by the screenshot it should be 37.15.
gcgcitAuthor Commented:
peter57r: Sorry I was making a mistake on my end that works!!! Thanks!
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