Turning windows 7 into a kiosk

I am trying to lock down a couple of windows 7 machines for an upcoming expo to show off some products. Can you try to help me find a solution? (preferably free because its only going to be used once)

I need it to play a couple of movie (avi,mpg ect.)files in windows movie player and I need it to open a couple of PDF's in reader.

The movie files will be in product folders that will also house the pdf's.
I would like to prevent but not all is necessary:
Right click
File browsing (outside of desktop)
task manager
all applications except ones mentioned
writing to anywhere
As much of the task bar as possible as well as the start menu

Thank you
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ccnsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
create an administrator account.
gpedit.msc export current settings
lock down right click etc. once the expo has finished import old GPO settings.
You create a separate, non administrator account, and go through and remove allot of the access.
ccnsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
under user account > windows settings and administrative settings there is alot you can lock down look at what you require but becareful once done you can only undo with local admin. :)
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racastillojrConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Maybe setting up an account with parental controls would be the easiest way to lock down some of them features you want to block. You can find it in the control panel.
Have you tried using Windows Embedded Standard 7? You can download a trial from Microsoft's website. It allows you to customize exactly what you need by using templates.

Use Deepfreeze. You can configure the computer the way you want to, Freeze it, then now matter what anyone does to the machine all you have to do is restart it and it will put it back to the state it was at when you froze it. I use this in a school environment. It has a free full version evaluation for 60 days.
Problem solved :-)
Read about it here http://www.faronics.com/en/Products/DeepFreeze/DeepFreezeCorporate.aspx
Get evaluation here http://www.faronics.com/en/DownloadEvaluationEditions.aspx
bullhogAuthor Commented:
I know when I did this in xp, you cannot fully get rid of the taskbar. I had to use a new shell that gave me more custom options. Is that still the same case in win7? If so can anybody recommend a new shell to replace explorer with?

Also, for some reason... i was worried that if I set all these settings in local policy it would apply for all users on the computer. I need it to have at least one user that can work normally just in case.

One of the Embedded templates doesn't use the taskbar at all.
bullhogAuthor Commented:
I ended up just going through a lot of things in the local policy. I also made a really simple .bat to turn on and off the policies to allow our users to change something while I am not there. I couldnt get rid of the task bar but I guess it isn't that big of a deal breaker.
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