Best Android apps for a sys admin on Galaxy Tab

I just got a Samsung Galaxy Tab running Android 2.2 and need some help / advice finding decent apps, mostly in line with sys admin like stuff and anything to make the most of the device.

So far I have Logmein Ignition, Dropbox, PrinterShare (to print to wireless printers in range), AVG for Android and the basic IM junk.

Any suggestions oor recommendations on what else to get?
Bob StoneIT GuruAsked:
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racastillojrConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Lookout is a good app that scans the apps for viruses, backs up the phone and can find your phone if you lose it from their website. The best part about the app is its free.
Bob StoneIT GuruAuthor Commented:
It looks like a cool app, is it worth paying for premium edition?
racastillojrConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I didn't know they have a premium version. The one I used is free and it is great. It doesn't use a lot of resources either.
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racastillojrConnect With a Mentor Commented:
OI Safe is another real good free app for storing passwords. You can make categories for business and personal passwords, store notes and urls for passwords.
racastillojrConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Advanced Task Killer is another great free app that kills tasks when so many are running your system slows down. It helps preserve your battery by shutting down apps on demand.
Dejan PažinConnect With a Mentor Head of SW DevelopmentCommented:
Bob StoneIT GuruAuthor Commented:
I've checked out many lists. Most have a few apps in common, of which I either wasn't that impressed with or I had already found them on my own. Occasionally I find a hidden gem in them.

I am always skeptical of lists in magazines, some of which you can read the lists, then flip through the magazine or surf their site to see the ads for the very products they are pushing in the list.
This post has no clear answer and will probably never have points awarded.
Bob StoneIT GuruAuthor Commented:
There will be points awarded, just not to you for that non-answer. Now if you have some suggestions, that is another matter entirely.
Bob StoneIT GuruAuthor Commented:
I selected a few from those lists and other I found on my own.

Any more suggestions before I close this?
Bob StoneIT GuruAuthor Commented:
I tried many apps, uninstalled a lot but ended up keeping these;

AVG Antivirus - Free AV
LogMeIn Ignition - Remote control for LogMeIn $30
Documents To Go - Opens most MS Office docs
Evernote - syncs multimedia notes with PC
Kindle - Download purchased Kindle books
Dropbox - online storage and retrieval
CamScanner - Scans pic into PDF
PrinterShare - Finds and prints to wireless printers
Astrid Tasks - task manager with alarms
Net Scan - IP and port scanner
Network Mapper - IP and port scanner
Wifi Analyzer - Analyze wifi signals
File Expert - Searches files locally and on network
SilverEdit - HTML editor with FTP client
Overlook Whiz - Creates widget to track server / site status and uptime
App 2 SD - easily move apps to SD card
aCCleaner - just like CCleaner
Chrome to Phone - transfers links from Chrome browser via plugin
Android Assistant - All-in-one control panel app
ES Security Manager - malware scanner and app protector
ES Task Manager - easier and more powerful than stock task manager
JuiceDefender - improves battery life by about 25% - 30%
Uninstaller (by Rhythm Software) - Sorts apps by date, size or name making it easier to uninstall
Corporate Addressbook - Exchange GAL connector
Yellowbook - Yellow pages search with maps - Searchable dictionary
Weather Pro - Nice complete weather app with satellite and radar maps
Lookout Pro - Security and privacy app with phone finder
Battery Indicator Pro - shows battery percentage and estimated usage time left

Adobe Reader
MSN Talk
Yahoo Messenger
Yahoo Mail

Plus a few stupid games and purty wallpapers / widgets.
Bob StoneIT GuruAuthor Commented:
Any other suggestions before I close this out?
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