looking for foam

hello there..
I have been trying to find a place that sells foam so that I can fill up my 12x12 foampit but I can't find that many places..
I live around Charlotte, NC and im trying to have something like on this picture
I need soft foam safe for landing on you face or head.. im all for ideas and at this point I would even look for an old mattress..
what do you guys recommend?
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Thibault St john Cholmondeley-ffeatherstonehaugh the 2ndConnect With a Mentor Commented:
looks like fun but I've no idea where to find that.
Just to offer an idea, could you fill that gap with an air matress like they use for stunt falls in films etc.
At school our high-jump pit was sand and somebody donated some foam to make it softer. the foam pieces just moved out of the way as you landed on them. they had air matresses at the olympics and it looked much more comfortable.

Look for gymastic supply companies or track-and-field suppliers.  Sometimes you can find used high-jump or pole-vault practice pits for sale.  You don't need the covers, so don't worry about re-covering them.
XK8ERAuthor Commented:
a few year back I head about the 8x8 square foampit but they were $1 each.. now its $2.60 thats way too much cus I need about 2,000 of them to fill up the pit..
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aleghartConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Sounds like a big pit.  An 8x8x6D should take less than 1,000.

I guess you don't want to pay for an air pit either.  An 5x10 air only (no pad on top) runs $1400.

XK8ERAuthor Commented:
check this out.. 12x12x6 = $3994 with 2038 foampits


im all down for airpit but I need one about 12x12x6
That's a very low price!   Half of what some other sites are quoting.  What's the shipping like from New Mexico?
XK8ERAuthor Commented:
I just found another seller from http://www.austinfoampitcubes.com/

8x8 cubes are $1.64 ea

if I can just find a seller for $1 buck like before that would be the best..
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