hp restore plus frozen

I have a HP machine dx6100, using the restore plus cd I started the process to reinstall OS.  It reformated the hard drive, prompted for XP CD, loaded drivers, prompts for licence key, starts XP, it gets to the second screen 'what's your computer name' and it freezes.  I have tried either skipping this step and using different names.  I have tried using a PS2 mouse and changing the date to 2004 (both suggestions I found on the net).  Nothing works.

I have been into the BIOS and started the dps self test on the hard drive (got sick of waiting for it to finish).  I have a docments CD for this machine but no diagnostic CD.  There does not appear to be any new hardware inside the machine.  I dont recall having to enter the licenc3e key when previously using restore plus.  Any suggestions?
Jenny CoulthardIT ManagerAsked:
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-HenryM-Connect With a Mentor Commented:
probs with the partitions or the mbr are the most common probs i've had when doing a factory reset...

blanking the hd is relatively quick and contributes to the process of elimination to identify the root cause of what you are experiencing...

another thing you should consider doing - (another quick win) - would be to set all the bios setting to their default - if feasible...
10023Web site maintenance and designCommented:
I would take a look at ram...can you remove and swap out ram to see if you can find the offending stick.
take the hard drive out - slave it to another pc that has EASEUS Partition Master installed and wipe delete all partitions from your target drive - then try again...
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it could be a bad cd -  can you test with another one, or copy it?
If you skip the step, what happens?

Do you have another one of those machines to test? It'd show you if it is the disc or PC at fault...

Only suggestion otherwise is to try burning a new CD, adding the product key / name / etc

Look at http://unattended.msfn.org/unattended.xp/view/web/7/SESSID=38041235ef77f7a1662d8c52a6c1c283/
Jenny CoulthardIT ManagerAuthor Commented:
Hi everyone, thanks for the responses.
Tomorrow at work I will check the ram, burn a new CD (and compare the CD against the image) and look at wiping the hard drive, I did read about using a util to completely wipe all partitions.  If the PC was working before why would it cause problems now?  I was simply starting again as it  had heaps of crap and bloat on the system and I needed to remove everything but the basics for the new user.

If I skip the naming step it does the same - locks up.
Why is the toughest question to answer...
we only see that something happened, and try to cure it.
Probably if you find tha cause - the why will be solved too

if the cd is bad, you may have to obtain a new copy from HP
Jenny CoulthardIT ManagerAuthor Commented:
OK, so I havent got far.  Have checked the RAM - ran the hp insight offline diagnostics, reset the ram (and tried different configurations), tried a couple of different windows CD's.  Have pulled out the hard drive to wipe it, hopefully this will fix.  WIll let you know - but dont think I'll get back to it before Monday.
Jenny CoulthardIT ManagerAuthor Commented:
Thank HenryM, it took me a while to do the wipe on the hard drive but it worked perfectly.  this is a very handy thing to know.
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