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Hi all

I'm fairly new to Terminal Server/Remote Desktop so need some assistance.
Our company is thinking of moving over to Terminal Services for most of our users. We would use a Thin Client to connect our users to the Server.
Is there a way I could configure a base desktop that could be used by the users? Then also configure this desktop to only allow certain menu options be available in the terminal session?
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MichaelVHConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi there!

What you try to do is perfectly possible.

Depending on what you are looking for, you could for instance use "thin clients" (Wyse does offer some good ones) to directly "boot" into a Terminal Server session.
You can control what these users can do in their session by using GPO's. These GPO's are often used to "lock down" a terminal server.

The latter is certainly something you SHOULD do.


DJMohrAuthor Commented:

We have a test Thin Client; it's a HP t5565; that should be fine as well right?

So; I would control everything via GPO then; no need to do weird configs?

no "weird" configs. GPO's really allow you to control quite a lot of things. Take a look here for more information:

a HP's thin client should be fine, indeed.
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DJMohrAuthor Commented:
Cool will have a look at the link.
I take I'd have to create a new GPO solely for Terminal services?
That's what I'd suggest. Create a lockdown GPO and assign that GPO to the OU of your Terminal Servers
upalakshithaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
DJMohrAuthor Commented:
Ok, all is going smoothly so far. Thanks for the links upalakshitha, some stuff there that I have been looking for.

Ok, so create a GPO for my terminal users and put some restrictive settings in place which is all good.

One other thing I'm having some trouble with is the user profiles. The default location is as you know C:\Users but i would like to move these profiles to another drive. I have configured the user profile in ADUC to point to \\servername\Share\%username%, this was done under terminal services profile and Profile but it keeps creating a temp profile when I log in. How can I get past this? Or is it a setting in the GPO i need to configure?
will not  it effect for performance if you move profile to \\servername  ?

 you can do it with GPO
DJMohrAuthor Commented:
Thanks guys, our first test ran quite well, so now we are moving into a full test phase with mulitple users.
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