no oracle registry key on server, what does this mean and how to find oracle home? ... and couple basic questions...

Hi, on my workstation I can find the oracle home by looking at HKEy_LOCAL_MACHINE -> SOFTWARE -> ORACLE -> ...

However, when i look at the server which has Oracle installed, there is no Oracle key in the registry. I can connect to the server from my workstation and connect to oracle, open the database on the server etc. So Oracle is definitely on the server. Where is the registry key and how do I find the oracle home then? Ultimately actually I'm just looking for the tnsnames file to check that the server can correctly connect to another server with oracle on it... (it's a windows server 2008 operating system)

Also, does this maybe mean that the oracle client is not installed? because i just found out that it isn't. And then, if the oracle client is not installed, does that mean that the server cannot connect to another server which has an oracle database?
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if it is an x64 bit operating system, probably it stores under the

HKEy_LOCAL_MACHINE -> SOFTWARE  > Wow6432Node > Oracle > ...

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AidenAAuthor Commented:
thanks found it. and just for the second part of that question... can the server connect to another server without the oracle client installed? i'm getting the impression that maybe it can, maybe as long as oracle itself is installed?
yes it can connect to another server.

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AidenAAuthor Commented:
sorry, that's not totally clear. you confirm that you don't need the oracle client to connect to an oracle database on another server? that to say, if you have oracle installed, there is no need for the oracle client, it serves no purpose?

yes you can connect to another server without the client .

AidenAAuthor Commented:
ok thanks for the info!
slightwv (䄆 Netminder) Commented:
>>yes you can connect to another server without the client .

Even though this is closed:  How?  

The only way I know of is JDBC Thin.  Every other way I know requires an Oracle client to connect to an Oracle database.

conecting oracle server to other oracle server ? does not oracle server installation has all that client side files ? .... i though that it had ...

sorry for some mistake !

thank you
AidenAAuthor Commented:
ok so i'm getting confused now!

so we are saying that if the server does not have the oracle client installed, then it can not connect to another oracle database on another server? (even if oracle is installed on the server... but not the client).

Yes, we are saying it cannot connect without oracle client even though oracle itself is installed?
slightwv (䄆 Netminder) Commented:
>>conecting oracle server to other oracle server ?

Sorry.  I missed server to server.

>>ok so i'm getting confused now!

Sorry for the confusion.

To help clear it up:
Oracle out of the box is client/server.  Every time you log into the database server and connect through sqlplus, you are making a client/server connection.

claudiodom is 100% correct.  If you have Oracle installed on a server and are running a database then you have all the necessary client files to connect to any other Oracle database server.

I read the question to be you have a machine with nothing Oracle installed.

Again, sorry for the confusion.
AidenAAuthor Commented:
ah ok, no problem.

yeah it seemed to me that the server was able to connect fine to other oracle servers but i was having trouble connecting through the website on the server. i think that's another issue though

thanks for clarification

anyway, pay attention to de server that its receiving connections, must have the firewall port opened for 1521. ( this was an issue that i've had 3 days ago in a test machine with: windowsxp 32bit  )

good luck...

slightwv (䄆 Netminder) Commented:
>>must have the firewall port opened for 1521

Not entirely true.  1521 is the default port for the listener.  In production you should really never use this port.  Every hacker in the world knows it.

You also need more than that single port for a successful connection for the new port the listener opens.  It's a random high port between 1021 and 65536.  

This can be restricted through Multi-Threaded-Server, or you can force all connections to share the listener port through USE_SHARED_SOCKET.

Both of those methods have negatives.
yes... but in this case the server is intended only for an intranet with no access to public !

thank you for that explain !

slightwv (䄆 Netminder) Commented:
>>but in this case the server is intended only for an intranet with no access to public !

Then why comment on port 1521 and a firewall in the first place?
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