is there anyway i can hide a group if the count is greater than a certain number
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cool_sathish_333Connect With a Mentor Commented:
As per your comment, I understand that there are columns for Sub total. You  can use =COUNTIF(range, criteria) where range is the cell range and the criteria is the condition to count. Do visit the link,


Hope that helps..
Cesar AracenaPHP EnthusiastCommented:

What is it exactly that you want to hide? A group of what?

If you only want to hide some cells you could easily use conditional formatting.
Arno KosterCommented:
Or you could use filtering.

with filtering you can manually select the values that you want to be visible, but you also have the option to only show values above / below / equal to / above average / below average / top 10 etc
NCGPIICTAuthor Commented:
user has large spreadsheet of about 20,000 records, on the column called loc id they are grouped into subtotals showing the count, the user wants to hide all groups that have a lower count than 2.
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