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I have a windows 2003 domain and recently started introducing windows 2008 to the environment. My file server is 2003 but I have a new 2008 64bit R2 files server. I tried file replication but the services would continually become disabled on the 2003 box so I gave up and decided to do a NT backup of the 2003 and will do a restore to the 2008. What I would like to do is find a utility to compare the two servers after the restore because users are continually working on the 2003 server. Its a production box. Is there a tool or utility for me to do a compare at ensure the file restored over to the 2008 box equalize with the 2003 server?
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connectexConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Is this a one time copy or are you trying to duplicate the 2003 server drives content on to the 2008 server on a regular basis? Are you runnning robocopy from a command prompt?

Also robocopy's parameter format is different then standard copy or xcopy.

robocopy <source> <destination> <file pattern> /switches

So it's like this (assuming your running from the w8kserver):

robocopy \\w3kserver\d$ d: *.* /mir

If you just trying to do a one time copy of all the files from the 2003 server. Assuming you intend to replace the 2003 server. I would log all users out. Stop any services that could cause open files on your 2003 server. Then used this robocopy line:

robocopy \\w3kserver\d$ d: *.* /e /z /copyall /np /r:0 /w:0 /tee /log:d:\d_drive.txt

The options are /e = all subdirectories including emptys /z = restartable mode /copyall = copies data, attributes, time stamps, security, owners, and auditing info /np = no copy percentages (otherwise the log file will be long and messy) /r:0 = no retries /w:0 = no wait if (for retries) /tee = put the output to both screen and log file (this way you can monitor the copy as needed) /log = log file. The log file is nice so you can review to see if you what if any errors occurred. Unlike copy,  xcopy, and Windows Explorer, robocopy will not stop upon an error. Therefore it will skip open files, file access denied, or when file paths are too long errors when they occur. You can open the log file with notepad and search for ERROR: to find the errors quickly.

Why not use Microsoft's robocopy utility? It can copy or mirror the data to the second server It can also copy file permissions, assuming they are in the same domain or workgroup. It also has nice logging options and you could create a batch file and run via the task scheduler.
FalconTwoAuthor Commented:
OK here is what I have

Source Server (2003) w3k\*.* on the D drive
Destination Server (2008) w8k

From the 2008 Server I mapped a drive to the administrative share of the w3k server and typed
robocopy z: d: /MIR (Z is the source server mapped drive and D is the destination server D partition) This did not work

I then tried robocopy z:*.* d: /MIR did not work got access denied error even though both machines are register in the same domain and I am a Enterprise administrator

Any ideas
Making Bulk Changes to Active Directory

Watch this video to see how easy it is to make mass changes to Active Directory from an external text file without using complicated scripts.

robocopy z: d: /MIR

Will only mirror the root of the Z: drive. Are you wanting to so subfolders too? If so try adding the /e switch. This will do all sub folders including those that are empty.

robocopy z: d: /mir /e

Also you don't have to map a drive. You can use UNC paths too. And if you automating this to run on a regular basis. I recommend setting up a job in the task scheduler and add /LOG:<logfile_name> to the command line.
Ok. Just double checked /mir includes the /e option too. So the question really is are the two locations identical? Robocopy will only copy the differences not every file each time. Check each locations properties via Windows Explorer. Do they have the same number of files and folders? Does the total sizes match too?
FalconTwoAuthor Commented:
The windows 2003 server is the old server. The new server is the 2008 with nothing on it so I am copying the file from the windows 2003 to the window 2008. Do you understand?

From the 2008 server I am running the robocopy command so can I do the following
from the w8k server
robocopy \\w3kserver\d$\*.*  \\w8kserver\d$ /mir

robocopy z: which is the mapped drive to the w3k server
robocopy z: d: /mir
FalconTwoAuthor Commented:
Yes this will be a one time copy
FalconTwoAuthor Commented:
Did not work
this is what happen
w3k server
 |_ sub folders
  |_ numerous sub-folder

w8k Server
 L sub-folders
  |_ more Sub folder

What was happening is the first folder on the w3k folder copied over to the w8k server but contents from the w3k server subfolders were being copied to the root of the w8k folder and it eventually timed out not sure why so I decided to do a backup/restore and that's happening as I type.

Eventually once the restore is complete, I will do diskcomp to compare the folders and update or mirror them
FalconTwoAuthor Commented:
Eventually once the restore is complete, I will do diskcomp to compare the folders and update or mirror them
I will use some file/folder sync utility to compare and mirror
FalconTwoAuthor Commented:
Did not work but grateful for the assistance
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