Sonicwall Routing Question

I have a remote internal network that is connected via a gateway on the LAN. I created a route that goes from a source of ANY to the Internal networks address object via the gateway on our LAN and have it using Interface 0 which is our LAN interface. I can’t test this yet, but it looks right I think.

Now the question I have assuming that last route is correct, is how do I route that remote internal network to a particular WAN interface? I pick that networks address object as the source, but should the destination be ANY or the WAN IP or ? Is the gateway it’s gateway or the desired WAN gateway? Same question about the interface, am I using the interface of its gateway is on (the LAN interface) or the desired WAN interface?

I've read through the docs and am its not sinking in how to handle a remote network like this.

I hope that sort of makes sense.

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It doesnt really make a clear picture, but lets start with the general aspect.
You must be able to ping your default gateway from the originating unit.
That gateway should know about the next hop. You can do that via static routing. This route must be bound to the remote LAN interface of the firewall or router.

In IP you always go from hop to hop to determine the route.
whenever a host doesn't have a route for a subnet, it heads to its gateway.  it suspects that it's gateway knows how to route.  the remote hosts router should have a gateway of your sonicwall.  the sonicwall will get that request and use it's gateway if it doesn't have a route for the subnet being requested.  the gateway of the sonicwall is the WAN interface and on it goes to the internet.

sorry rob if i've just restated what you've already stated.
willp2Author Commented:
I actually do understand how routing works. I'm just getting a bit mixed up with how Sonicwall handles it. We're starting to test here shortly.
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ok...sorry, never know the extent of author's skill.

sonicwall can get confusing with the address objects/groups and origin/destination types.  let us know how the tests go.
digitapCommented: thing.  you will need to put a route on the sonicwall for the remote destination.  whatever the LAN ip is for the gateway leading to the remote network, you'll want to use that as the gateway for the sonicwall.  otherwise, the sonicwall may not know how to send traffic back to that remote network from the internet.
willp2Author Commented:
Thanks and no neet to appologize. I had a hard time trying to explain what the issue was, so it does sound like I don't know how routing works on reading it again.
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