Error Handling Routine not being invoked

Posted on 2011-02-24
Last Modified: 2012-05-11
See code below
Note the statement ;On Error GoTo Form_Load_Err:

I am testing the VBA and have removed a table that is in the query qryFillSuppGroup2.  The system crashes with an error 3078 (which is an appropriate error).

The question is : Why is my error routine not invoked?

I am new to this!

Private Sub Form_Load()

On Error GoTo Form_Load_Err:

DoCmd.OpenQuery "qryFillSuppGroup2"
Exit Sub


MsgBox "ERROR...."

End Sub

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Question by:Patrick O'Dea
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On Error GoTo Form_Load_Err
Remove colon                         ^^

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Expert Comment

by:Rey Obrero (Capricorn1)
ID: 34973978
try removing Exit Sub
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ID: 34974001
Actually ... the Colon is not really a problem ... and, the code does work for me as is ....

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Something else is going on.  Do you have code elsewhere..

And if you remove the Exit Sub ... you will *always* get the Error message - even when there is no error.


Author Comment

by:Patrick O'Dea
ID: 34974042
See attached.
Click form Mainmenu.

Then click "Master Screen".

The system will crash.

Why is the On Error not invoked?
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No crash.  "pop" appears as expected.

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ID: 34974144
Tested on both A2003 and A2010 ...

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I Decomplied, Compacted & Repaired ... see if you still have issue.


Author Comment

by:Patrick O'Dea
ID: 34974265

Let me simplify.

I have placed the line x=x/0 and this is not being caught by the On error.

Surely a divide by zero should be caught?
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ID: 34974341
The  error *is* caught on my systems ...  see image.
Possibly there is a problem with your Access installation ?
Did you try the MX01 version I uploaded ?


Author Comment

by:Patrick O'Dea
ID: 34974502

Thanks again ,

I tried your MX01 problem but still have the same error.

Incidentally, how do I de-compile??

I had an error a few days ago that did not make sense too.
I wonder is my Access version (recent 2010) okay?
Perhaps, my "Access Options" need to be looked at??

See brand new database5 attached.

Nothing in it except one form with one button which calls VBA.
This VBA error handling does NOT catch the divide by zero.

Any thoughts?

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Accepted Solution

DatabaseMX (Joe Anderson - Access MVP) earned 500 total points
ID: 34974554
The only options I can think of are on the  right side of the Image ... VBA>>Tools>>Options.

Mainly ... Break on Unhandled Errors ..

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ID: 34974580
Decompile - For Reference:
But first, if you have not already:
Open the VBA Editor and from the menu ...Tools>>References ....
If you see any listed as **Missing: <reference name>, including the asterisks and the word Missing, the
you need to fix that first.

Then, follow this procedure:

0) **Backup your MDB BEFORE running this procedure**
1) Compact and Repair the MDB, as follows:
Hold down the Shift key and open the MDB, then from the menu >>Tools>>Database Utilities>>Compact and Repair ...
Close the mdb after the Compact & Repair.
2) Execute the Decompile (See example syntax below) >> after which, your database will reopen.
3) Close the mdb
4) Open the mdb and do a Compact and Repair (#1 above).
5) Close the mdb.
6) Open the mdb:
    a) Right click over a 'blank' area of the database window (container) and select Visual Basic Editor. A new window will open with the title 'Microsoft Visual Basic' ... followed by then name of your MDB.
    b) From the VBA Editor Menu at the top of the window:
        Note ... after the word Compile will see the name of your 'Project' - just an fyi.

7) Close the mdb
8) Compact and Repair one more time.

*** Executing the DeCompile **EXAMPLE**:
Here is an **example** of the command line syntax  (be SURE to adjust your path and file name accordingly) before executing the decompile:

Run this from Start>>Run, enter the following command line - **all on one line** - it may appear like two lines here in the post:
Also, the double quotes are required.

"C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office\Msaccess.exe" /decompile "C:\Access2003Clients\YourMdbNameHERE.mdb"

For more detail on the Decompile subject ... visit the Master on the subject (and other great stuff) Michael Kaplan:


Author Closing Comment

by:Patrick O'Dea
ID: 34974633
Oh dear,,

You are 100% correct.

I changed this option a few days ago while tring to resolve a previous problem.

All in fine.

Thanks again and apologies for the time wasting.
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ID: 34975214
No time wasted.  So, how were the options set then ?


Author Comment

by:Patrick O'Dea
ID: 34975376
I had it set to "Break on All Errors".

Ironically this setting was made to investigate the other query (which you have just solved).

It has been an evening of me trying to make complications where the actual problem is trivial.

Still, I'm learning!

Thank you and goodnight from Ireland!
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ID: 34975441
ok ... no problem.


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