can't locate roaming profile

I have one user account on my server 03 domain which will not load their roaming profile.  Full permisssions and ownership have been given for the profile folder.  Directory listed for profile is correct.
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stealth2549Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Same user was experiencing issue on multiple machines.  In the end I pulled a copy of the profile and recreated the account.  Haven't had any issues following this.
Do other users profile load on the same pc?
stealth2549Author Commented:
Other accounts load without issue.  I can load this profile if I add the user to admin group however no local copy of the account saves to the machine.  I looked at user options under advanced tab in system properties and the account is not listed.  Is there another way to make WinXP save a local copy of the profile?
Is the user experiencing the same issue on another machine?
stealth2549Author Commented:
Not the solution I was after but no-one offered a better option.
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