SMS 2003 Administrator console

We have sms 2003 SERVER in corporate environment and it has got some problem and SMS administartor console got corrupted.
I want to restore the SMS Administartor consoles in server for that I have back up of SMS .
Please guide me wheather i can do the restore from my console or do i need to go ADD remove progarm from Control pannel and reinstall for console.
If it has to be recovered from backup then which option will restore the console.
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When trying to re-install - Are you running the correct re-install media.  Is it the full SMS version or just an upgrade pack?

Suggestions I've found from trawling the web..

Site Ref :
1 - Run from the extracted SP3 download and run the autorun.exe file - sometimes works better anyway - just have to put in the server name instead of it being auto recognized. Gives you the same install but with less issues.
2 - Check out this:  In general, I think it is usually the dcomcnfg piece that usually fixes the issue for most people.

Site Ref
3 - I experienced the same behavior when running setup.exe from the SMS\bin\i386 directory on the site server (SMS 2003 SP2 slipstreamed on SQL 2005 SP1).  During the setup wizard, when you would normally see a grayed out check box for SMS Administrrator Console, there was no option to select at all.
I ran setup from the SMS 2003 SP2 slipstreamed CD and it installed just fine.
Bruce H.

Sajid Shaik MSr. System AdminCommented:
the best way is the normal restoration of last succesfull back up ... then restart the server once.

all the best
roopesha2Author Commented:
Hi Please help me the steps how to restore it as i am not comfretable with resore.
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roopesha2Author Commented:
How to restore only SMS admin console do have any option for only SMS admin console
Need to clarify...?

If you are saying your Server 2003 has had problems but is now OK.  Tthe problem you now have is the SCCM Administrator console does not work?

If that is the case you can recreate your Admin console
START, RUN enter MMC clcik OK.
Select File Add/Remove Snap-in
Click on Add
Scroll down to the "System Centre Configuration Manager" template

Enter your Site Databse details as required...

If you are talking about a general SCCM databse corruption/failure
then it's a completely different scenario and a alot more tricky...  (I've just recovered from backups myself after our site database transfer went wrong..!)

cheers  Mark S
roopesha2Author Commented:
The SMS admin console was uninstalled from Site server and i tried to add the same from mmc as you explained the steps frm above but didn'f find the System centre configuration manager template.

Is their any way to reinstall the SMS Admin console in site server?
We tried to install the same from source but didn't got the option to install SMS Administartor Console.
This seems like tricky help me to fix the problem.
1 - Do a search for the file "adminconsole.msc" anywhere on your server - run it if you find it.

2 - On a seperate client machine (Minimum WinXP) if you start up the SCCM installation Media do you get the option to "Install or Upgrade an Administrators console?  If you do this do you get a succesful, working console?

3 - If you start up the SCCM installation Media on your SCCM server do you get the option to "Install or Upgrade an Administrators console or is it greyed out?

roopesha2Author Commented:
1.We searched the SMS.msc file in our server as it is SMS environment in D:\SMS\i386 folder and also tried to run the same but unable to load the SMS components in that (SMS conole components uuninstalled from SMS server)

2.We have installed the SMS console in seperate XP workstation it is working fine,From SMS server SMS console was uninstalled we are not getting the option to reinstall only SMS admin console components on SMS server.

3.From SMS media we are not getting option to install SMS console (greyed out) we are getting Remove SMS option.

If we are able to get option toreinstall SMS console components in SMS server then it will fix the problem
Looks like you just need the SMS admin console recreated.  To do that you need the "sms.msc" file.  

If you have the console installed on an XP machine can you copy the "sms.msc" from that to the server.  Then on the server, double click sms.msc to launch the console - Then Save the console as something useful.

Microsofts page about recreating this -

To begin creating a new Microsoft Management Console file, you must open a blank MMC window. You can do this by running Mmc.exe, which is usually located in the Winroot\System32 directory.

When the MMC first starts, it has a blank Console Root window. To add Systems Management Server functionality to the MMC, you must load the Systems Management Server Snap-in. To do this, perform the following steps:

On the Console menu, click Add/Remove Snap-In.
On the Standalone tab, click Add. A list of avalable Snap-ins is generated.
Select the Systems Management Server Snap-in and then click Add.

A wizard will walk you through connecting to your SMS database. You will also be given the option to customize your console tree items. Choose this if you want to customize which items are shown in your console tree and which ones are not. If you want to create a console with the tree items seen in the original SMS Administrator Console, choose the default and load all items into your tree.

roopesha2Author Commented:
To create SMS Console followed the steps mentioned as below
Go to run-->MMC-->from here i didn't find System management server
I believe SMS console components are uninstalled from my SMS server.
If i follow the same step in other SMS servers am getting "System management server"template in MMC as they have SMS console installed in the server.

From my SMS server i do not have SMS admin Console components,if they present definetely i would have got from MMC.

Is their any way to load System management server componenets can be loaded to MMC?
roopesha2Author Commented:
Anything left to try out?
SMS uninstall and reinstall is solution?
Did you copy the sms.mmc file from your Windows XP machine to your Windows Server?
roopesha2Author Commented:
I have copied the sms.msc file from Win Xp to Windows server,but still not able to load.
Supporting screenshot as follows.
Sajid Shaik MSr. System AdminCommented:
roopesha2Author Commented:
this time the installation of sms 2003 sp2 worked
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