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I have someone who is using Microsoft Office Outlook 2010 and has two old outlook files (pst files) that he can only access one at a time. Can you merge those 2 together or can you setup outlook to refernce 2 pst files?
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5y5tem32Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Have you tried importing the pst via Outlook?

I've recently used PSTMerge software as well. Worked a treat.
outlook should be able to reference more than one pst file.  just add them in datafiles

steps below..
rpmcclyAuthor Commented:
He said he had tried that but also said it only allows him to access a single one at a time.
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If you use the File -> Open -Outlook Data files you can open and use multiple PSTs at the same time.

To merge, what I have always done is copied and pasted one PSTs folders and emails into the other. Then deleted that PST. Its not a graceful unattended or set-it and forget it solution, but it has worked for me.
Also, if you still would like to merge the pst files into one...

You could create an temp email folder in your inbox, open the first pst and copy all the items into the temp folder. Do the same with the second. Then create a new PST and copy all items from the temp folder into the new pst.

Actual MS article on doing such. Much more in-depth.
rpmcclyAuthor Commented:
Just google PSTMerge and install it. Pretty simple to use.
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