Outlook express keeps sending messages over and over

A friend of mine is having problems when sending emails.  When he forwards an email to someone it will send the email, put it in the out-box and doesn't delete from the out-box.  So when he closes out outlook or sends another email it will send the first one again.  Last night I ran Malwarebytes, removed 214 infected files,  ran a boot scan with Avast antivirus, dug out 4 or 5 viruses and ran ComboFix and dug out a few more infections.  This morning it is still doing the same thing.  Are there some settings that I need to change to make it act right?  Or what do I need to do to change this?

   PS:  after it sends the email it pops up an error box saying that an error had accured but doesn't give any error message. I am sending the capture of the error box for you to see
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dkikalisConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This can be a disk corruption try running a chkdsk /ffrom the command line.  Otherwise create a PST file in outlook and coppy all of the email that he needs.  Delete the mailbox and create a new one.  If that doesn't work un install outlook and re-install.  When you get the syste working again re-attach the PST file and copy the email back.
beemmerAuthor Commented:
Thanks - I will go to his place and try that when he gets off work and let you know how it went.
run also Spybot  :    Spybot :        http://www.download.com/3000-8022-10122137.html
beemmerAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your help.  Actually what was created a new Identity, imported all of my friends message folders and addresses into the new identity except the default folder that outlook created when I created the new Identity.  After making sure that everything worked fine, I then deleted the original identity.  Thanks again for your help.
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