link access with Quickbooks

I have a access database where I have all the customer’s, information, order’s… then I have QuickBooks where I enter all the payments, I want to link both programs so it should transfer charges and customer information from access to QuickBooks and then transfer the invoice number from QuickBooks to access
Can anyone help me with it?
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stlinaeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Transactions can only be imported into QuickBooks using the SDK or iif format, not CSV. You also wont get transactions out of QuickBooks, other than reports, unless you use the SDK.

For straight SDK use, you'll have to programming. You can program in a variety of languages but will certainly have to know one very well. You can find the SDK and 'how to' at

You can also try using the read/write version of the qODBC. It's fairly simple if you know Access and understand pass through queries.

You may also want to look as AccessBooks real time. They use the SDK rather than an ODBC connection to connect QB to Access. I think you can send data back to QB, but not 100%. I don't like it because it's not the native tables but other people swear by it. You can find it at

I will say this, exporting data is the easy part. Importing is a bit more tricky and whatever you do, ALWAYS make a backup of you QB file before you import anything. There is no undo feature in QB and 1 mistake can cause hours of waisted time.
Jeffrey CoachmanMIS LiasonCommented:
Why can't all of this info be in Quickbooks?
This would save you all of the machinations to get this to work (Linking, Syncing, Validation, ...etc)...

I mean, you could figure out a way to get this to work, but Quickbooks is more than capable of storing Customer/Order Data.

Why reinvent the wheel?


Wow, big job.

I have played around with exporting and importiing csv files in MYOB, will Quickbooks import a csv?
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Jeffrey CoachmanMIS LiasonCommented:
Yeah, but again...
Why reinvent the wheel?

like you said, this will be a big Job (IMHO)
Boag2000 is right.  Once I started down that path I wishes I hadn't, lol.  My advice is the same.  In any case, If you must go down that road I would suggest looking at the csv option first.
it sounds like a job for
Or if you know access very well your self you could try to work with QODBC.
I would use sybase to read from the database, and QBXML to write to it.

But as everyone said, it`s not done within one hour or for that mather in one week.
yoilyAuthor Commented:
any more information aboyt that?
about which part?
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