Unix profile, how to set it so the directory and command line are on the same line

My command line on one Unix machine looks like this, which I like:

[/slice6/imedw/transforms/claims/flexx] [cursor is on this line].

on another box the directory is above the cursor. This gives more typing room but 1/2 the number of lines to review on screen

Alaska CowboyAsked:
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woolmilkporcConnect With a Mentor Commented:

there is a linefeed in the PS1 variable.

Try to find out where it's being set and remove the linefeed character.
Check $HOME/.profile or $HOME/.bashrc or whatever initialization files you're using.

Alaska CowboyAuthor Commented:
ok, checking now, thanks.
Alaska CowboyAuthor Commented:
worked ! thank you.
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