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problem with LSI Logic

I have HP server 160 G5 with LSI card HP SC40Ge controller (SAS1064ET)
I have installed Novell SLES-10-i386-SP3 ( kernel)

I keeps freezing when I try to transfer a file. I did notice error FAILED in /var/log/mess as given below . I did update driver and firmare from hp site for LSI card HP SC40Ge controller (SAS1064ET)

Please helpme  to determine if it is DISK problem or DRIVER problem or LSI Contoller problem

Feb 25 12:49:51 server-mars kernel:         command: Inquiry: 12 01 80 00 24 00
Feb 25 12:49:51 server-mars  kernel: mptscsih: ioc0: task abort: FAILED (sc=f5a90d40)
Feb 25 12:49:51 server-mars  kernel: mptscsih: ioc0: attempting target reset! (sc=f5a90d40)
Feb 25 12:49:51 server-mars  kernel:  2:0:0:0:
Feb 25 12:49:51 server-mars  kernel:         command: Inquiry: 12 01 80 00 24 00
Feb 25 12:49:51 server-mars  kernel: mptscsih: ioc0: target reset: FAILED (sc=f5a90d40)
Feb 25 12:49:51 server-mars  kernel: mptscsih: ioc0: attempting bus reset! (sc=f5a90d40)

server-mars:~ # cat /proc/mpt/ioc0/info
  ProductID = 0x2704 (LSISAS1064E B3)
  FWVersion = 0x01172b00
  MsgVersion = 0x0105
  FirstWhoInit = 0x00
  EventState = 0x00
  CurrentHostMfaHighAddr = 0x00000000
  CurrentSenseBufferHighAddr = 0x00000000
  MaxChainDepth = 0x22 frames
  MinBlockSize = 0x20 bytes
  RequestFrames @ 0xf7882800 (Dma @ 0x37882800)
    {CurReqSz=128} x {CurReqDepth=163} = 20864 bytes ^= 0x6000
    {MaxReqSz=128}   {MaxReqDepth=163}
  Frames   @ 0xf7880000 (Dma @ 0x37880000)
    {CurRepSz=80} x {CurRepDepth=128} = 10240 bytes ^= 0x2880
    {MaxRepSz=0}   {MaxRepDepth=511}
  MaxDevices = 112
  MaxBuses = 1
  PortNumber = 1 (of 1)
server-mars:~ # cat /proc/mpt/ioc0/summary
ioc0: LSISAS1064E B3, FwRev=01172b00h, Ports=1, MaxQ=163, IRQ=169
server-mars:~ # cat /proc/mpt/summary
ioc0: LSISAS1064E B3, FwRev=01172b00h, Ports=1, MaxQ=163, IRQ=169
server-mars:~ # cat /proc/mpt/version
  Fusion MPT base driver
  Fusion MPT SAS host driver
  Fusion MPT SPI host driver
  Fusion MPT ioctl driver

server-mars:~ # chkconfig --list | grep smart
smartd                    0:off  1:off  2:off  3:off  4:off  5:off  6:off
server-mars:~ # rpm -qa | grep mpt

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3 Solutions
There isn't enough info here to determine the answer.  Please enter
dd if=/dev/XXX of=/dev/null bs=64k

Replace XXX with the physical device name of the hdd, i.e. /dev/sdb

Above will just read raw blocks into the bit bucket.  The 2 commands that it ran are just a SCSI inquiry to look for a serial number.

Report back what error(s) on the copy.

>attempting bus reset! .

Sound like a hardware issue.
Could be cabling,disks or controller.

HP should have a standalone diag you can run to see where the issue may lie.

Who's drives are these in the server.
You aren't using a 3rd party desktop drive are you?
solarmitraAuthor Commented:
I don't see any error when I run this command except couple of time "task abort" and "target reset " FAILED in /var/log/messages. I only noticed it during first command on disk sdb

 # dd if=/dev/sdb of=/dev/null bs=64k
6866448+0 records in
6866448+0 records out
449999536128 bytes (450 GB) copied, 3313.21 seconds, 136 MB/s

# dd if=/dev/sda of=/dev/null bs=64k
2227776+0 records in
2227776+0 records out
145999527936 bytes (146 GB) copied, 1076.3 seconds, 136 MB/s

---# tail -f /var/log/messages
kernel: mptscsih: ioc0: task abort: FAILED (sc=dfc781c0)
kernel: mptscsih: ioc0: target reset: FAILED (sc=dfc781c0)

Let me run HP diag util overnight and will update you
No, I don't use any 3rd party desktop drive. It is all HP

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a few task aborts are nothing to worry about as long as they aren't accompanied with a wide range of other ossible entries.

in fact this can be quite normal depending what is going on..  

in other words ... nothing wrong here.  zero reason for concern.  
Cabled or hot swap disks?
solarmitraAuthor Commented:
I tried to replace new card and machine didn't boot. It asked me to activate raid parition and wait for 1 minute, so I did so and it still didn't boot. So I put old card back and it asked me the same thing. This time I was able to see boot parition in LSI menu, but before it wasn't there. I think as "dlethe" said "zero reason for concern. " I will leave old card as it is, but was curious how new card didn't detect boot parition
The card you are using is LSI mpt family,  metadata DOES vary depending on the chipset and firmware revision.  LSI does not guarantee disk roaming between different firmware revisions.  So that is why it didn't see it.   Now if cards are the same, then upgrade all systems to latest firmware, then you may get lucky,

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