Steps to Filter data in Excel 2010

I have a column that needs to be filtered.
Id like to get all ID that start with 8 to second worksheet and ID with 9 to the third worksheet.
Can someone tell me steps to achieve it.
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TerrySolanenConnect With a Mentor Commented:
matthews process works if you have a few handfuls of IDs to select.  If you have more, here's another way:
Apply the Autofilter
In the drop down menu that shows when you click on the down-pointing arrow on the ID column, choose "Number Filter", which expands into another menu.  
From that menu, choose "Custom Filter" at the bottom.  This should open a new dialog window called Custom Autofilter.
Change "equals" to "Begins with" and enter "8".
Click OK, and you should see only ID values that begin with an 8.

If your numbers are stored as numbers, this won't work--then there's another step to take:
select the column ID (the entire column)
On the Ribbon, go to Data, and click "text to Columns"
Click Next, Next again, and then "Text" and OK.

This converts all the numbers to text (they should be left justified now).  Now the steps I listed above will work.
Patrick MatthewsCommented:
Apply the AutoFilter by clicking the Filter button on the Ribbon.

In the ID column, click the down-pointing arrow to select only rows that equal 8.  Now, select the visibale rows, hit Ctrl+C to copy, and go to sheet2 and paste.

Go back to the original sheet, change your filter criterion to 9, and then copy and paste to sheet3.
Patrick MatthewsConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Thank you for clarifying that.  Somehow I read "equals 8" and "equals 9" when of course I should have read "begins with...".


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zachvaldezAuthor Commented:
Is this possible using somehow automate it.
You could use the macro recorder to record a macro.

zachvaldezAuthor Commented:
then how is the macro called in
I'm not sure, I've only coded in VBA.  But, in VBA, macros are called like this:
 "Call MacroName()"

zachvaldezAuthor Commented:
thanks, i ll make some future inquiries.
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