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Mass Marketing Emails

We plan on sending out thousands of emails one day a month to our companies contacts. Were are concerned that we might become blacklisted because of this, should we be concerned?

Does an ISP (AT&T) monitor mail flow and they might notice an increase and decide we are spammers, while we are not?

I thought of also creating a new email alias instead of using our primary mail domain name to send out these emails, so instead of using our primary mail.mydomian.com, I would use "monthlymail.mydomain.com" but even if I use that wouldnt it still be linked to the same IP address as the primary mail email domain name and then be blocked as well?

Any suggestions would be very helpful. Thanks!

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Alan HardistyCo-OwnerCommented:
How many is thousands?  2,000, 10,000, 100,000, 900,000 - the volume may not help you - but as long as you are RFC compliant and only send to opt-in subscribers, then you should be fine.

My article should help you to make sure you are configured correctly:

tolinromeAuthor Commented:
Thanks Alan for the good article. Werelooking around sending 15,000 once per month. We are not sending to opt-in subscribers as we are just sending to many external contacts we have worllwide that do business with us, these contacts have never "opted-in" as as subscriber, we would just sending them.

We do have a PTR record with our ISP and have a good reputation. I'm just thinking about what to watch out for once this things starts. I wouldnt want to end up on blacklists and then try to come off it which may take a while, would would be unacceptable.

Alan HardistyCo-OwnerCommented:
Okay - that's not unreasonable in terms of numbers.  The main reasons for getting blacklisted are if you send mail to an address that is a Spam Trap (HoneyPot) for a spam list site.  If you hit one of those - instant blacklisting.

If you keep your list up-to-date and make sure the addresses are valid, plus give people an opt-out option (that works), I don't see too many issues.

How big do you anticipate the email that you are sending is going to be in terms of KB?

Bear in mind that Exchange will put all it's efforts into getting those emails out of the server as quickly as possible and it is likely that your server willgrind to a halt / internet will become impossibly slow as soon as it gets flooded with the mail unless you have a very large outbound internet connection (upload speed).
All good information from the others, however, I would recommend as we do to;

A: use an entirely different IP address meant only for email blast, this way if you do trigger a black listing it wont effect your primary email IP address.

B: I would use a separate email management product that can help you manage opt ins/outs.  We use a product called Goolara, but there are many others available out there.  The main thing again in  having a separate product is that you can subscribe people to different types of list like Monthly Newsletter, New Products, major announcements, special deals or whatever and then the recipients can decide what they do/don't want to be subjected to AND you get all sorts of management capabilities to let you know who is and is not opening emails as well as the ability to segment your list, i.e. send email only to people that are east coast, bought a certain product, are women, men, etc.

C: A separate management platform can also easily personalize, schedule and throttle the emails.

D: If a person opts out of the email blasting platform and its from your main IP address you will not be able to email them at all from Exchange, vs if its coming from  a separate email blasting platform and a user does a global opt out it wont effect your ability to email them from Exchange.

E. Also as mentioned above if your NEW IP address gets black listed it wont effect your day to day operations and you will have time to undo the damage.
Glad to be of assistance and thanks for the points
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