Logging Internet use at our office

We want to log internet use at our office, but only a few at a time, is there software we can install to log where the user goes, and create a report from it?
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jrwarrenConnect With a Mentor Commented:

tjdabomb is correct, unless you are using a proxy/ISA server.  Then use the logs/reports from that.

If you using somethign like a linksys or netgear that has very poor logging, you could target the specific client.  Install logging software on their machine.  

You have to be very cautious about monitoring Internet useage, however.  Please know the rights of your users.  Did they sign an agreement stating you can and will monitor their e-mail and internet use?  Did they sign a waiver to their rights to private communication while at work, etc...

If those items are of no concern or have been addressed, your firewall is the best best, like tjdabomb suggested or something along the lines of client logging software :


tjdabombConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Best to use a reporting tool off your firewall.  What is your firewall?
jason987Connect With a Mentor Commented:
This can be done from the client or the server.  An overview of your network would help in giving you examples.
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tammycole101Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
All are great comments, we use Fortinet as our firewall, but we are having issues with it (whole other problem) and have smoothwall running a backup, we do not have a proxy.

Yes, we have to be careful with privacy. Thanks

Do you know any logging software that can be loaded on a machine for testing purposes, we only want to log a few machines at this time.
jason987Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Setup a syslog server, configure the firewall to log to that syslog server and then you can either manually process the logs or get a reporting tool for them.  I think fortinet sells their own but there are free ones out there:

jrwarrenConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Check in the post #34983217 by me...  httpwatch and Fiddler are options to log on the client machines.  depend son the details you need and the expense you want to make.
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tammycole101Author Commented:
All are great suggestions, but we are going with a separate Sniffer machine to log internet usage and to store logs on it.
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