Missing Emails from Exchange in Outlook

Hello everybody,

I have a exchange 2007 in a cluster environment , and from the last few days, people are asking me for email that didnt get delivered to their mailbox, but I do see them on the exchange server.

They are using outlook 2003 and outlook 2010, I reset the indexers on the DB's., moved Mailbox to another DB, nothing, there is a way to re-scan the DB? or something? the email is there, but its not showing up on their outlook and owa.

Any idea?

The exchange server is running on 2008 NOT R2, I have 6 servers, 2 for CAS, 2 for HT and 2 for MB,.
Tanus SacinAsked:
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Glen KnightConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Yes that was clear, and every suggestion I have made has been in an attempt to find the cause.

If exchange said it is delivered then it is, outlook or a rule is doing something with it.

It will either be in the deleted items (over zealous junk filter), Junk Mail or in another folder as directed by an Inbox rule.

Those are the only explanations.  Unless it's being downloaded by a POP3 service but this would effect all mail not just specific ones.
Glen KnightCommented:
How do you know it is there if it's not showing up in OWA or outlook?

The view in OWA is a direct view of the mailbox.
Tanus SacinAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your response.

But I can see that email flow using the exchange troubleshooting tools, i can see how the email left the sender mailbox, and how the recipient mailbox got it, but the email is not showing up on their outlook or owa.
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Glen KnightCommented:
Is it going in to the Junk Mail folder or straight in to deleted items?

is there a filter applied to the inbox?
Tanus SacinAuthor Commented:
none of the above, looks like the email never got delivered to the user, on the troubleshooting asisten, I can see the the mail was received and the source is Store Driver with eventID recived, but cant see it on the mailbox.
Glen KnightCommented:
Are there any rules configured?

Close outlook completely (check it's not listed in task manager under processes)

Then goto Start > Run > Outlook /cleanrules

Then try sending again
Tanus SacinAuthor Commented:


Thank  you for your help, I think I wasnt really clear on my first email, the situation is:

A user that has a exchange mailbox sent an emaill to another user on the same organization,on the sender maibox the email is on the sent items, but the email didnt show up on the recipient mailbox, using the troubleshooter assistant I was able to track the message down, and exchange is showing it like a delivered message.
Tanus SacinAuthor Commented:
You were right, the user had a rule on her phone where put it the email on a sub folder of the subfolder under the main folder.....

thanks for your help/.
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