mouse inside walls

when you see mouse running around in basement/corner, it is easy to get them.. but what if they are always just being heard running around walls - side or the one between ground floor and first floor- what ways can we get them to the outside world..

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Just put some bacon or cheese inside for smell
Thibault St john Cholmondeley-ffeatherstonehaugh the 2ndCommented:
If you don't want to hurt the mouse you can get a humane mouse trap:

I'm sure that if you bait it with some strong cheese the mouse will find a way out of the wall cavity to feed on it.
If you have some way to get them inside the walls, cheap dryer sheets work pretty good at chasing them away and keeping them gone.
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David BruggeCommented:
Although you only hear the mice in the walls, they are coming out somewhere. They need to get food and water before they go back to driving you crazy.

If you have not seen any sign of them coming inside (such as chewed up packing or mouse droppings) they are likely coming in from outside. Try placing traps in multiple places outside. Remember that mice run along walls, using their whiskers to feel their way. Traps should be set with this in mind, with the "trap" part facing up against the wall.

If traps don't work, or you see your bait disappear but not set the trap, you can resort to poisons. Just hope that they are considerate enough to die outside.

My local exterminator like to use peanut butter in his traps.
Q: How can I drive mice out from between the walls of my house.?
A: You can use a SONIC mouse repellent.
This is an electrical device that you can usually adjust to give off low level sound waves that will drive the pests out.

Mice can enter and leave in ways you can not imagine.
Get a simple mouse trap and one of the best baits is peanut butter, as has been mentioned.

Set the trap near the wall where you hear the mouse and wait.

Contrary to popular opinion, cheese is not normally a good choice of bait unless it is very soft cheese. Peanut butter is an old standby. If you find it doesn't work the first time, try chunky or creamy and mix some honey into it to increase adherence to the trap and appeal to the mouse.

Here are some traps you can make:

Catch and Release
There are many so-called "humane" mouse traps, in which the mouse is not killed but is rereleased into the wild at least several miles from your home. The best bait to use with these traps depends on its structure. One such mouse trap consists of a bucket with a 2-by-4 and some bait at the end of the piece of wood, hanging over the mouth of the bucket (see Resources). This could be easily homemade but one version of it can be purchased as well. The mouse falls down into the bucket and remains there until you capture it. This trap can have any bait that smells delicious to the mouse, since it is only necessary to tempt the mouse up to the bait, not keep it there as with the lethal snap-traps.

A variation on the bucket method that might save more space indoors involves a toilet paper tube and a trash can (see Resources). The mouse might come into contact with the bait using the tube method, so choose a bait that is sticky so it requires the mouse to stay longer at the trap.

Another simple and humane mouse trap uses a regular plastic soda bottle and a block of wood (see Resources). Again, this trap can use any kind of strong-smelling bait, even a cotton ball soaked with a scent like vanilla extract rather than food, which might attract ants or other pests.

anushahannaAuthor Commented:
thanks - will keep trying with your suggestions.
Thank you much.    : )
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