Sync Windows Phone 7 with Microsoft Outlook, Exchange Server

We are a small business with 3 people in the same location at present using individual Office 2010 Outlook and OneNote. I have just bought an HTC 7 Pro which I understand I can not Sync by USB like I did with my previous HTC HD2 which worked fine. I think I can do it with a third party App or by using Hotmail Connect and doing it manually but not keen on this.

As we might be moving to different locations might this be the time to consider Microsoft Exchange Server 2010. We have no IT bod but are reasonably computer lterate. We would want to see Outlook on our desktop/Laptops and be able to sync to our individual mobile devices, (Win Phone 7 or iPhone). Mail, Calendar, Contacts, To Dos, OneNote. There is no need to see each others Calendar etc, at present but this might be useful in the future.

So.......... firstly, best way to sync Outlook and OneNote to Win Phone 7, then advice on Exchange Server 2010 and what it can do.

Thanks for listening.
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Glen KnightConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you don't like the hosted idea then go for SBS2011 which includes Exchange 2010 at a fraction of the full cost.
Glen KnightCommented:
My advice if there are only 3 of you would be to look at hosted exchange solutions.

This way someone else manages it for you and you may for a service.

I offer this service for my customers that only have a small client base and it works very well.

If you use an Exchange server then Outlook and your phone would both sync with the same mailbox therefore eliminating the problem you are experiencing.
I am sorry I cannot help with the oneNote part however as far as exchange 2010/WP7 is concerned you will be able to sync/pushmail on the go Calendar/Contacts/Todo and contacts through activesync
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gilbey666Author Commented:
Presumably if using a hosted exchange solution you instruct your hoster who can login, access rights etc, and you simply see you good old Outlook on your PC/Laptop, they do the rest behind scenes? I do however like the idea of keeping control of things so wonder if using Exchange 2010 is a practical proposition for us. We're prepared to fiddle and learn! Would I be right in thinking this could be installed on the 'Main' PC which can then serve the others/mobiles? What operating system is required, looks like it needs to be 64bit Win 7 Pro, we run 32 bit Win 7 Pro.
exchange 2010 can only run on 64bits SERVER version of windows 2008 R2 or 2008SP2 it will NOT run on windows 7
for up to 75 users i would recommend you looking into SBS (small bunisess server)
gilbey666Author Commented:
Thanks for advice but we went the Companionlink route which works a dream, thanks for your efforts.

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