Outlook Express-Restore downloaded mails to ISP server

Our client mistakenly reconfigured his email using outlook express by NOT checking the check box of LEAVE the message on the server..

All his mails were downloaded locally on his machine at the ofc and now he cannot access all his mail at home thru internet web access.

Is it possible to restore all the mails (around 500) from his local machne (outlook express) to server ISP? Please help. Thank you.
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geowrianConnect With a Mentor Commented:
For GoDaddy email accounts:

The settings to use are below:
If the ISP allows IMAP access to the mailbox, then setup an IMAP connection in OE. Once that is done, drag the emails from his local mailbox to the IMAP mailbox. NOTE: Any POP clients will re-download these moved emails at the next check. This is a limitation of POP.
charles_lawrenceAuthor Commented:
their ISP is godaddy. Do you think Godaddy allow IMAP access to the mailbox? from where i can veiry that. Thank you
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charles_lawrenceAuthor Commented:
Hi Geowrian, thank you for this info, let me try this and ill get back to you for the result. cheers!
charles_lawrenceAuthor Commented:
Our client doesnt had IMAP account in Godaddy :(.. iam using thunderbird.


Another limitation is, our client has limitiation with their ISP to have only 250 mail relays.. is there any possibilities that we can upload back the mails (500mails) at one time only?
charles_lawrenceAuthor Commented:
Thank you
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