Browsing a Facebook Connect website over https causes Internet explorer prompt

We are using several FB connect features on our website and all works well over http. Facebook says you can use https but we have found it faulty at best. It seems that the like button and or the Profile pic are not delivered or SSL. This causes IE to throw up a mixed content prompt which is causing problems.

The site is using ASP.NET (C#), FB Javascript API, and Graph API.

Can anyone tell me how to retrieve all facebook connect content over SSL. The site is using ASP.NET (C#), FB Javascript API, and Graph API.
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Just from looking at this it appears that profile photos are returned as a URL to the Facebook CDN (using Akami in the background).  In theory you could parse out the URLs returned in the JSON objects to make sure all your URLs in your page are HTTPS, but this will cause additional issues since trying to browse the actual photo using HTTPS rather than HTTP ends up with a mismatched certificate name since it ends up going to an Akami site that doesn't have a certificate with the Facebook CDN url in it.

Perhaps you could pull the actual photo and other non-secure content, host it locally in a cache for some period fo time and rewrite any links to the cached version using SSL.

Dave Dietz
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