ADMT Merge User that have different Username Naming Conventions

Hi guys,

The scenario is as follows:

- We're trying to consolidate multiple domains which was previously created. So assume we have Domain A, Domain B and Domain C in the original configuration. We're trying to consolidate all of the users, workstations and servers into Domain D. All domains are from separate forests.
- Each Domain may contain the same user. However the problem is the naming convention when creating the username are all different. Example:
- Domain A may have the username created as Tom.Jones
- Domain B may have the username created as Jones.Tom
- Domain C may have the username created as TJones
But they are all the same user.

As I understand it, ADMT will only merge users that have a conflicting username. So in this scenario, do I have to rename the username for Domain B and C to fit the naming standard of Domain A before we can merge the account together? Or is there a better alternative than manually renaming the usernames in the smaller domains?

Any advice on this is greatly appreciated.

Thank you.
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Its doable, use the 'include' file to rename on the fly, look into admt guide for instruction.
Joseph DalyCommented:
If you are sure you want to rename the user accounts in all 3 of the original domains to follow the same naming convention a very quick and easy method to do this would be to use

This tool will let you select all of your user accounts and then very eaily specify naming convention. This should help you with the migration/mergining.

If I misunderstood your question please let me know.
pepelepew8Author Commented:
Hi Rick,

That sounds interesting. Any resource on this that you can recommend? I had a look at technet and they said it was possible but there wasn't much resource on how to set it up.

Hi xxdcmast,

Will ADModify take care of the permissioning? because at the moment when we migrate the users, the server resources will still be in the old domain. So with ADMT, they migrate the user and and will keep the SID history so that permissioning will not be a problem.

Thanks for your input guys. :)

Appreciate it.
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Joseph DalyCommented:
Admodify and the ADMT tool are two seperate tools to complete two different tasks.

If i understand your question correctly.

You have 3 domains with the same users in them but with different naming conventions. You want to migrate these and merge in the newly created domain.

In each of the 3 source domains you will want to run ADmodify which will let you quickly rename the accounts to the same conventions.

Then you will use the ADMT tool to migrate the user accounts to the new domain and then merge the duplicate named accounts

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Take a look at 'using an include file option' section
pepelepew8Author Commented:
Hi xxdcmast,

Thanks for the info. I think this product will be helpful in my other projects as well. However, I think it will be more practical with using ADMT to rename on the fly. The reason for this is because it does not actually rename the userIDs in the Source Domain. So we are able to merge the accounts all in one go and will have minimal impact to the users as they are still using the  userIDs in the source domains.

Thanks for your input though. :)
pepelepew8Author Commented:
Merging with ADMT works but there's not much info on the web to search on. But at least it solves the problem. :)

Thanks guys.
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