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Cognos - Unable to open cognos using localhost/cognos8

Experts... I have installed Cognos 8.4 and Oracle 10g. I have the cognos connection working. When I open the url http://localhost/cognos8  the cognos configuration page briefly opens and I get a 404 error. Please help....
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1 Solution
Have you configured IIS with cognos8 directory?
Also, make sure the user account for content store has full access to create/update tables.
chickannaAuthor Commented:
Yes. I have configured IIS with cognos8 directory.
Guillermo FeijóoSystems administratorCommented:

     Dont you have to imput a port in the URL?
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chickannaAuthor Commented:
no. I am using the default port of 80
Guillermo FeijóoSystems administratorCommented:
Clasic questions:
    Firewall, antivirus?
Give more info:
1. Operating system: 32 or 64 bit?
2. Is Cognos service started?
3. Cgi or isapi used in Cognos configuration?
--if isapi in 64 bit, you need to add the isapi extension.
4. cgi-bin in IIS must have scrip and execute checked.
5. Remove everything from IIS and readd, stop and start default web site.
chickannaAuthor Commented:
Guillermin-qo  -- Yes, I have firewall ON and Antivirus software installed. Do these interfere with the IIS rendering Cognos pages?

SNeupane --
  OS - windows XP sp-3
  Cognos service is started
   Cognos 8.4 -- cognos.cgi is used (I think)
  cgi-bin in IIS has all permissions
  stopped and started default web site. Also, tried with Apache web server. but same thing happens. configuration page comes up  and dissappears.
1. Disable antivirus and firewall to check if they are causing the issue.
2. In IIS on the server level go to Application Pools. Under the Actions Pane select "Set Application Pool Defaults".
Set Enable 32-bit Applications = TRUE (If that option is available--it is for 64 bit but just check)
3. IIS on Windows 2003 has security features that disallow unknown cgi and
ISAPI file extensions.
Add a new file extension in IIS and allow execution of the specific Cognos
executable like cgi (for example, cognos.cgi) or ISAPI (for example
cognosisapi.dll) file.
Allow Cognos Web Service Extensions as required:
1. From the Windows Control Panel open Administrative Tools, and then
Internet Information Services Manager.
2. In the left pane of the IIS Manager window, expand your local computer
3. Right-click Web Service Extensions, and then select Add a new Web service
4. In the Extension name box, enter some descriptive name, for example "CRN
5. In the Required Files box, enter the file: for ReportNet use
6. Set the Set extension status to Allowed and then click OK.
7. Stop and Start the IIS services.
Repeat the process for each ISAPI or cgi extension that applies in your
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