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We have a small I.T department & We need to track our inventory ( example: we need to know how many power suppliers we have, how many keyboards we have .... etc )  + we need to track assets ( we need to know what we have given to a specific Department/Employee.
What is recommended ? We can pay a little bit for the software.
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BITCoolerConnect With a Mentor Commented:

If you own on copy of Office 2007 Professional or Office 2010 Professional, the Microsoft Access database software has a template wizard for an asset tracking database that is free to use.

It may suffice for what you want to accomplish.  If you already have MS Access,  check out this web page:

yes. office 2007/2010 access is having it you can customize that as well.. there are many templates like Phone directory and all.. if you Sharepoint site then you can create one publish it with sharepoint.. MOSS 2010 has Asset management module with it.
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TaibaDXBAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your replies.
I checked Access database templates, but it doesn't solve all my problems.
What I need is an inventory management + asset tracking.
We have multiple branches, each branch has its own I.T stock.
I need always to know what each stock contains so if some employee asks for an item, I can know if it is available in that branch stock or in another near branch stock, and if not I can order this item then assign it to that employee so I also need to know what Items I have given to specific Department/Employee.
Access database templates do not cover what I need.
I will check the other applications you have given to me.
In the mean time, I appreciate if you can suggest some more applications that fits our requirements.
Thank you.
ckivmlConnect With a Mentor Commented:
see this are some of the web based asset management + inventory application

ckivmlConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Please see you can use this Freeware from Sysaid really nice
TaibaDXBAuthor Commented:
Most of these software depend on scanning the network for managing the inventory.
While this is good for me, but it doesn't cover inventory items that can't be detected ( Like how many power supplies I have in stock !! )
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