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Hi experts

I wanted to build a nice blog of mine. Please can you tell me about the steps in order to build my own blog.

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gwkgConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Step by step instructions:
Darren SharplesSystems SpecialistCommented:
I use blogspot which is part of google. does the trick.
RartemassAuthor, martial arts coach, IT ConsultantCommented:
Do you have a web host and a website, if so which one?
Wordpress is very easy to use and setup, my webhost (justhost) has it as a tool to install at no extra charge. Takes a few minutes to install on your site and it is ready to blog straight away.

Once installed and blogging you need to direct traffic to your blog. Wordpress has features built in to make it more search engine friendly. It can also track when webpages link back to your blog and has other tools advertise the site.
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OsloiiteAuthor Commented:
I dont have  a web host or any website.

RartemassAuthor, martial arts coach, IT ConsultantCommented:
In that case blogspot is your place to start as sharpting stated.
Jason C. LevineNo oneCommented:

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