Migrating Groupwise Users to a New Tree

I have a Netware 5.1 system with Groupwise 6.5 on it. I want to move both the NDS and the mailbox users from this old NDS tree, to a new Windows server running Groupwise 6.5 (Clean Tree). Any ideas on where to start would be helpful.

Current Setup:
1. NDS on Netware 5.1 server
2. Groupwise Primary Domain on Windows 2003 server
3. Console One on Windows 2000 server

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ZENandEmailguyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you'd like to run just a Win2003 server with GroupWise, eliminating the NW 5.1 server, install eDirectory for Windows onto the Windows 2003 and create a new tree (if you've not already done this).  Next install the GroupWise snapins into ConsoleOne on the 2003 server so that you can extend the schema for GroupWise.  Once that is done, copy the domain directory structure (wpdomain.db and all files/folders) onto the 2003 server and then do as both PsiCop and rbgnr111 suggest: Graft

This is done in ConsoleOne under the Tools Menu | GroupWise Utilities | GW - eDir | Graft ...

Follow the wizard to graft first the domain, po, gateways then graft the users, etc.  You should create the OU structure in the new tree before running the graft process.

Hope that helps.

You can Graft the GroupWise System into a new Tree. Novell has documentation online as to how to do so, although I don't have links handy.

ZENandEmailguy is more up-to-date on GroupWise than I am - I confess it's been awhile since I've had my hands in an operational system. But I do know that you can copy the GroupWise System files and then Graft the objects into eDirectory.
PisCop is right, grafting would be the way to do this.
 Novell has a document on the whole procedure:

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