uccx script terminates abormally when called from analogue phone connected to VG224

Hi there,
I've got an analogue phone connected to a VG224. Everytime it tries to call a number (UCCX script trigger #), UCCX plays the welcome message which is ok. Next part of the script is to play music on hold to the customer before an agent gets free to take the call. However, analogue phone gets a silence instead and no music on hold stream is played. When the agent becomes available, they can't hear the guy at analogue phone and call drops.

Now, MOH stream is usually multicast and I've noticed in the VG224 config that multicast PIM is not enabled; so I enabled it on VG224 but still no MOH was played. Would this be an issue with multicast MOh to do with VG224 resulting in eventual call drop out and something related to UCC ?

Pls. let me know If I need to explain more clearly !

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porkchopexpressConnect With a Mentor Commented:
What codec is being negotiated between the region the VG is on and the CCX port/agent?

Can you force G.711?
nabeel92Author Commented:
G.711 is in use by default across all LAN/WAN sites
nabeel92Author Commented:
any thoughts on this 1 ?
nabeel92Author Commented:
any thoughts ? i am still facing the same issue after 1.6 years ....
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