Pls Advice - Good Configuration for Education + Gaming PC?

Hi EEs,


My Question is very simple....I want to buy one Good PC (assembled) for education + gaming purpose with the following configuration:

* MothereBoard          1) Intel =  ?           2) Gigabyte = ?
* RAM                          2 Gigs  = Brand ?
* DVD Writer               = ?
* HDD                          = 320 Gigs = Brand ?
* VGA Card                  = PCI Express  Brand ?
* Power Supply           = Brand ?
* Monitor                     = Brand ? (Must be min 24' or more= I need to see monitor 2-3 miters away)
* Mouse KeyBoard      = Wireless = Brand = ?

Kindly advice which brand / model no i must go to solve my purpose?

Also advice 3-4 model no of Motherboards..

Awaiting for your earlier reply,

Many thanks,

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hatheharikenConnect With a Mentor Commented:
i believe that the i7-920 will be more than enough for you.

HDD - the seagate Barracuda 7200.12 or 7200.13 is the best bet in my opinion. go for the largest size you can afford.

mobo - the asus P6T deluxe V2 is a old model but one of the sturdiest i have ever seen. even has 3x SLI, but no USB3.0
you might want to have a look around.

VGA - nvidia 9xxx or if you feel a bit bolder a GTX card would be advisable.

get the prices, and once you get them you can have a better picture.
Let's recognize that a Gaming PC will have higher graphics, use of memory, and uses more of the processor than education or admin usage. So, look for a gaming machine that suits your purpose, (meaning what games you want to run), and then get something a bit better than that.

In other words, look for a gaming machine that you can use for your games and then get a better computer than that gaming machine for future use.
dxbdxb2009Author Commented:
Okay.....lets forget Gaming PC...i need good PC on which i get install lots of simulators, can be used for fast internet browsing, can run 10-12 applications, & can run for at least 2 yrs...ONLY FOR EDUCATIONS NEEDS...

Pls advice accordingly...

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One thing you have to consider about school curriculum is they are a wee bit behind technology. Most simulations, internet labs through citrix servers, and web page discussions will run on almost any new machine. The administrative tasks that you need to do, in Microsoft Office is yet another cost that you should think about. Your internet connection will be based on how good your throughput is from the ISP.

SOOO, let's recap on what you should look for to get through school:
Network support:
1) a Good solid DSL connection
2) 1g network card
Printing documents:
3) A good printer
Opening multiple applications:
4) a good OS (Windows 7 works well in my classes)
5) A good video card with its own memory
6) Microsoft Office, (you can buy from school at a huge discount)
7) You will probably be linked to a citrix server and download applications that you need for class

Computer hardware:
Truthfully, I went down to the local Best Buy and purchased a 500 dollar laptop with an internal wireless connection. This is a no-frills laptop. I chose a laptop for mobility. The hardware on this is:

Processor: 1.2 Ghz  
Physical Memory: 3 Gb
19" screen
1Gb NIC card with a
Atheros AR9285 Wireless Network Adapter
The laptop is made by ASUS and the model is a K50IJ
You will want probably a quad core.

It's connected to a Cisco WG wireless, (that is plugged into my DSL router)

I use Win 7 home premium (64 bit)

I (((LOVE)))) this setup for school.

NOTE: Your critical component for school is your connection to the ISP for good solid internet with decent throughput.

Another critical part for school is MOBILITY. So, ----go with a no real frills laptop and a good/solid internet connection at home.
i would not buy a laptop  - they're more expensicve for the same price - only when you need the mobility.
some notes :
OS - right now , best look for 64-bit (the future); this allows the use of more than 4 GB ram
disk : any brand - but 300 GB is difficult to find now, cheaper are now 500 Gb and up to 1 TB drives
Mobo : both are well known - i use a lot of ASUS boards (maybe that is an option?) -  P5 series would be your choice now
power supply : when you know your parts, calculate what you need here  :
you can then add a good margin, say 100-200W depending on how you estimate future add-ons
dvd writer  :  any brand will do
vga card  depends on your budget (it often costs more than all the rest)
personally - i never use anything wireless - but that is only me...
dxbdxb2009Author Commented:
Pls advice the good model no for the followings:

* MothereBoard          1) Intel =  ?           2) Gigabyte = ?
* RAM                          2 Gigs  = Brand ?
* DVD Writer               = ?
* HDD                          = 320 Gigs = Brand ?
* VGA Card                  = PCI Express  Brand ?
* Power Supply           = Brand ?
* Monitor                     = Brand ? (Must be min 24' or more= I need to see monitor 2-3 miters away)
* Mouse KeyBoard      = Wireless = Brand = ?

for starters, let put some flesh into the skeleton...

motherboard - Asus or Intel

RAM - 2 or 3 or 4 gigs, depending on your wallet. Make, any, as long they have Elpida Memory Chips - they are the best.

DVD writer - they are basically use and throw, so go for the second cheapest one.
LG/Sony is good - make sure its a SATA and not a PATA

HDD - Seagate 500 GB or even 1TB if you are feeling ambitious - the difference in price is not much...

VGA card - do you really need one? if you do, go for nVidia cards, with GDDR4 or GDDR5 RAM
select one from withing your budget.
always remember, less of faster VRAM is better than more of slower VRAM.
example - 1GB GDDR4 is better than 2GB GDDR3

Power supply - Antec, Corsair or Thermaltake - i think about 500 watts should be enough for your system - but i can only tell for sure, after the entire system configuration is finalized.

display - 24 INCHES?? wow! well, i have been using LG Flatron for a long time, i have triple display of 22 inches. but most of the LCD monitors and no better and no worse than the other. so listen to your pocket on this issue.
LG, Samsung, Philips, AOC are all good brands to choose from.

for a mouse, i would recommend any product from Logitech - they are good reliable, and doesn't wear out easily. remember, that if you buy a wireless mouse, it should have a base station (that connects to a USB port) for recharge of the mouse.

for keyboard, a mechanical keyboard is the very BEST. but i dont think you van buy one in your country - look around a bit.
never opt for a wireless keyboard, always a corded one.

let me know your thoughts. we can work a bit better, if we know your budget.
I wouldn't trade a laptop for school for a desktop. Today, I have to take my computer in and speak with the dean and professor about my graduate project. I couldn't do that with a desktop easily. Sometimes you have to go to school with your laptop, especially if you are looking at attending on-line classes.
dxbdxb2009Author Commented:
thanks for all of your replies....

Pls advice the below configuration:

is it Okay...if i go for this

CPU: Intel® Core™ i7-990X Extreme Edition 3.46 GHz 12M Intel Smart Cache LGA1366 [+856]
HDD: 1TB SATA-III 6.0Gb/s 64MB Cache 7200RPM HDD (1TB x 2 (1TB Capacity) Raid 1 High Performance with Data Security [+93])
MEMORY: 6GB (2GBx3) DDR3/1333MHz Triple Channel Memory [-96] (Corsair or Major Brand)
MOTHERBOARD: * (3-Way SLI Support) GigaByte GA-X58A-UD5 Intel X58 Chipset SLI/CrossFireX Ultra Durable™3 DDR3/1600 ATX Mainboard w/7.1 Dolby Audio,eSATA,Dual GbLAN, USB3.0, 2 x SATA-III RAID,IEEE1394a,4 Gen2 PCIe,2 PCIe X1 &1 PCI [+132]
VIDEO: NVIDIA GeForce GT 430 1GB 16X PCI Express [-103] (Major Brand Powered by NVIDIA)

Pls advice...
so you need a 64-bit OS
you did not post the most important part : power supply - did you calculate yet whatt you need?
if you want a REAL fast pc - you can add a SSD drivefor the OS, i recommend intel x-25 series :
CPU: do you really need a 990X?? a 920 or even a 950 is more than enough.
HDD: which manufacturer??
memory: stick with any manufacturer with Elpida ICs on the stick, call and confirm.
mobo: i have had a very bad experience with gigabyte motherboards, try for asus ones.
VGA: how many cards are you planning on having??

power supply - to power this config, you will need at least 800 watts. recommend using Antec TPQ1000 or TPQ1200
dxbdxb2009Author Commented:
nobus : yes i need 64 bit. since it is fast then 32bit...right?
pls advice any good power supply, the more watts i go the better i get the performance....right?
what is SSD drive for OS...kindly explain?
"Intel® X25-M and X18-M Mainstream SATA Solid-State Drives" the hard drive or what? what max capacity available in? what is the extra benefit of these drives...?
Pls advice...?

hathehariken : i am not specific ..i need you expert's advice..
HDD : you kindly advice... me the fastest model available?
asus : any good mb ...good one..
VGA : may be one only
pls advice...
>>    yes i need 64 bit. since it is fast then 32bit...right?   << NO, only because you want more than 4 Gb ram
>>  the more watts i go the better i get the performance....right?   <<  NO again; you need the power you use  +  a good margin for future enhancements or devices,  20% is enough - it has NOTHING to do with performance
Use the powercalculator i posted -  then you know how much you need
>>  what is SSD drive for OS...kindly explain?   <<   an SSD drive is in short a ram stick in the form of a sata drive
and as such, is MUCH faster than any rotating disk (but it costs more (around 4 x for a small size; right now ranging from 40 to 200 Gb for normal prices
 the sizes are in the link - so if you need more disk space for data - use a1 TB drive
the benefit is the SPEED eg my system boots in 20 sec
dxbdxb2009Author Commented:
I am expecting to get the price today...if feel economy will go for else ... need your advice according to my budget,

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